Troubles in Life? Trust God.. Husband Wife Story

Troubles in Life Trust in God Husband Wife StoryA devout Indian couple used to live in England. Husband was running a successful business.

But one day husband suffered a big loss in business, losing all his money. From that day onward, his interest in eating, drinking, family and everything ended. He would stay immersed in just worry round the clock.

His wife was intelligent and pious. She tried to help her husband to get out of despair by telling him varies stories to make him realize that he doesn’t need to lose hope but nothing helped.

At last, she thought of a way to get her husband out of his hopelessness.

Next day, wife went in front of her husband wearing black clothes (In England, it is a custom to wear black clothes on death of someone).

Seeing wife in black clothes, husband asked, “Has anyone died?”

Wife replied, “Yes, God is no more..”

Listening to this, husband was confused and asked, “How is it possible? Why are you saying such thing?”

At this wife replied, “I think so, from your behavior. You live like God is no more for you…

You used to say that What ever happens, happens as God wish.. God nurtures everyone, he take care of every being…

Yet now days you live like there is nothing left to live, you stopped eating, spending time with family, doing anything… Why are you so sad, why are you so worried thinking about what will happen to us now… Don’t you trust in God?”

Hearing this, Husband said, “I have full faith in god but i am worried, how we will be able to pay for our living expense..”

Wife replied, “You are now 50 years old, you have always worked hard.. You say you believe in God but you don’t trust God.. In life till now, we have seen many ups and down.. We were able to overcome all troubles till now.. This difficult time will also pass.”

After listening to her, Husband realized his mistake and holding his wife hands, he said, “Sorry for worrying you.. I trust God.. We will be able to overcome this trouble also by God’s grace.”

From that day onward, husband behavior changed, instead of staying alone in despair, he started working hard again with hope that everything will be normal, again one day.

If Good times doesn’t stay forever then Bad times will not be there forever, Time changes.. Trust in God.

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