Triple Filter Test – Scholar Advice to Man

Triple Filter Test - Scholar Advice to ManOnce a man came to scholar and said, “Do you know what i have heard about your friend!”

Scholar interrupted him and said, “Wait a minute! Before you tell me anything to me about my friend. I want you to do a three filter test.”

That man curiously asked, “Three filter test? What do you mean?”

Scholar said, “Yes, I call it three filter test because whatever you say to me, say it only after passing it through three filters.

First is – Truth
Can you say with confidence that what you are about to tell me is complete truth?”

Man said, “No, actually i can’t be sure, actually i have just heard this thing.”

Scholar said, “So, you don’t know anything for sure about this! Ok, let’s try another filter

Second one is – Goodness
Are you going to say something good about my friend?”

Man said, “No.. but i…”

Scholar interrupted and said, “So you were going to tell me something bad but you don’t even know whether it’s true or not. You can do last test.

Third filter is – Utility

Whatever you are going to tell me is useful to me?”

Man replied, “Probably not.”

Hearing this scholar replied, “Whatever you want to tell me, you are not sure about it that it true, its not even good, nor is it useful. Then why to say such thing?”

Man understood and left without saying anything.

Whenever you hear something Wrong about your acquaintance, friend or relative. Then always try this three filter test.

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