Tree Refusal to Bird’s Request! Story about Rejection

Tree Refusal to Bird's Request! Story about RejectionRainy days were about to come. A pair of birds was looking for a tree to build a nest. While flying they saw trees at bank of a river. There they found one tree suited to build nest for themselves.

Birds went to tree and requested, “We need to build our nest before rainy season comes. Please allow us to build a nest on one of your branches.”

Tree refused them saying, “No, you can’t.”

Birds pleaded but tree didn’t agree.

Birds were sad because of tree’s refusal. As birds were about to leave, they said to tree, “Such arrogance is not good. One day you will break and your ego too..”

Before tree could say anything, birds left.

Birds continued their search and soon reached a near by forest. There they found another tree suitable for their nest. This time when they asked for permission, tree happily agreed.

Pair of birds made a nest on that tree and started living happily. Soon, rainy season arrived. Both birds were now safe in their nest.

One day it rained heavily with thunderstorm and in that storm, tree which refused birds to build nest, fell because of heavy rains.

When rain stopped. Birds flew out to look for food. While flying over river, they saw that tree being swept away by strong current of river.

Seeing that tree condition, birds went near that tree and said, “We had told you that one day you will break and your ego too. Today that day had come. This is the result of their deed.”

Tree replied, “You misunderstood me. I already knew that i would break. My roots were leaving the soil and branches were getting weak, i knew i won’t be able to survive this rainy season. That’s why i denied you.

If you had built a nest on my branch, you would not have been alive today. That day, I couldn’t tell all this to you and you felt bad because of my refusal. I am sorry for that.”

After listening to tree, birds felt very sad for their thinking and apologized to tree for whatever they said before.

Many times in Life we have to Face Rejection. Of course, no one likes to hear rejection. Rejection hurts our feelings and at that time we only think about our feelings.

We don’t even think with an open mind that the person who denied must have had his own reasons or he must have denied for our own good.

Therefore, whenever someone says “NO”, don’t take it to heart. Don’t feel bad about him. May be someone’s one “NO” is saving you from a big trouble.

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