Three Thugs Trick on Pandit – Goat or Dog!

Three Thugs Trick on Pandit - Goat or Dog!Once a Pandit went to a rich man house to perform religious rituals. After rituals were over, host gifted him a goat.

While leaving for his home, Pandit picked up that goat and carried on his shoulders.

When Pandit was going on his way to home, three thugs saw him with goat and started planning to take that goat from him.

They made a plan.

As first thug passed by Pandit, he stopped and said to him, “Pandit ji, for the first time I saw such a disaster that a Brahmin is carrying a dog on his shoulder.

Hearing this, Pandit got angry and said, “Can’t you see?? It is a goat.”

At this thug replied, “Pandit ji, this is a dog. If you don’t want to believe that’s your wish but that will not change the reality.”

Pandit ignored this and went ahead.

After Pandit went a bit ahead, another thug came and said to him, “Pandit ji, it seems you are not aware that people of high caste should not carry a dog on their shoulders.”

Hearing this, Pandit started to doubt himself and yet replied angrily, “It’s a goat.”

Saying this, he moved ahead and on his way met third thug.

Third thug also asked him same question, “Pandit ji! Where are you going with dog on your shoulders?”

When again someone said that its a dog, Pandit started to believe their words and thought that he is carrying a dog on his shoulder, not a goat. Just then he took that goat off his shoulder, left it there and went toward his home.

As soon as Pandit left, three thugs gathered and caught that goat.

First – If a lie is told repeatedly, it starts to seem like the truth. So, use your full understanding to identify the truth and falsehood. Second – Have so much faith in yourself that no one else can corrupt your mind.

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