Three Teachers – Story about Learning from Others

Three Teacher - Story about Learning from OthersLong ago, in a village lived a Sage who was very famous and had many disciples. One day one of his disciples came to him and asked, “Guru Ji, who is your Guru(Teacher)? From whom did you gain your knowledge?”

Sage smiled at disciples question and replied, “I have thousands of Guru! If i start to count then it will take more than month to count but still i will tell you about Three Guru’s of my life.”

Sage said, “One of my Guru was a Thief.

Once i lost my way and when i reached some far away village, it got pretty late and all shops and house were closed. At last, i found a man who was trying to jump over a wall into a house.

I asked him – Can you tell a place where i can stay for night?

He replied – it late night and it will be very difficult to find a place to stay at this time. You can stay with me but i am thief. If you still want to come to my place then you can stay there.

He was such sweet person that i stayed with him for a month! Every night before leaving he would say to me – I am going for work. Have rest and do your prayers.

Whenever he would return from home i would ask him if he got anything. He would say – I didn’t got anything today but if God wish then soon i will get something.

He would never feel disappointed and sad.

When many years passed while meditating but still i felt like nothing happened, there were many moments when i felt sad and frustrated and thought of quitting. At those time i would suddenly remember thief’s who used to say that if God wishes soon i will get something.

Thinking that gave me strength and always motivated to continue working hard.

Another was dog.

It was a very hot day and i was thirsty and was searching for water. Just then i saw a dog who came running towards a river.

When dog got close to river and looked into river, he saw another dog which was his own reflection. Dog got scared to see another dog and barked at it and then stepped back but because he was thirsty he would again get near river to drink water. This happened many times.

Eventually despite his fear, he jumped into river and reflection disappeared. Seeing this courage of dog, i learned that if a person despite his fear, move forward. Person who fights his fear, will definitely succeed in life.

Third Guru was a Small kid.

Once i was passing by a village. On way i saw a small kid walking toward a church carrying a lighted candle.

I joking asked him – Did you light up this candle?

He replied – Yes i did.

Then i said – There was a moment when candle was extinguished and then a moment came when candle is burning. Can you show me the source from where light came?

Kid laughed and just then extinguished candle and said – Did you see light going away? Where did it do? You tell me.

At that moment my ego was shattered and i gained knowledge. At that time i realized my own stupidity and started to learn for real.”

Learning: What does it mean to be Disciple?

To be Disciple means to be open to all Existence. Be ready to Learn from all sides at all time. Every moment of life gives us a chance to Learn something.

This Life will give us many opportunity to meet teacher in one or other form therefore We should always keep on Learning good things by becoming a Disciple in life.

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