Three Friends Desire n Dilemma – Saint Suggestion

Friends Desire n Dilemma - Saint Suggestion abt BhandaraOnce three friends were having food at a Bhandara (free meal served to the people).

While eating there..

First friend said, “I wish, to be able to organize such a Bhandara.”

Second friend said, “Yes.. but even before we get our salary, there are long list of bill pending needed to be paid.. how can we save money to organize such Bhandara.”

At this third friend said, “Our expenses are so many that it’s not possible for us.”

A Mahatma (Saint) who was sitting beside them was listening to their conversation. He said to them, “Son, to organize a Bhandara you don’t need money. You only need good intention..”

All three of them were surprised and looked at Mahatma with curiosity.

Mahatma smiled and said, “Son, take 5-10 grams of flour daily and keep it at place where you see ants. You see that many ants will come and eat it happily..

and Bhandara is organized..

Take some grains of rice and lentils scatter it on your roof. Also put a bowl filled with water on your roof. Many birds and pigeons will come and eat it..

and Bhandara is organized..

You can feed bread to cows, dogs and other animals, provide water for them outside your house..

and Bhandara is organized..

Good has arranged food for all living beings.. It’s you and me, sitting here enjoying eating free food, isn’t it God who blessed us with this food? If you make any arrangement of food for others, that too happens by the will of God.

No one knows, who is coming from where and no one know who will get what from where.. Whether it would be found or not, all that is known by God only..”

Listening to this, a comforting joy ensued on face of friends because today while eating at Bhandara, they also found way to organize Bhandara.

Every creature is made by God and it a divine act to give food to needy and give selfless service for public welfare.

**(Bhandara – The concept of community feast has been adopted by almost every culture in India and it is often regarded as one of the best ways of worshiping the almighty God and sharing meals with people from all walks of life.)

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