Three Friends and Saint – Story about Giving

Three Friends and Saint - Story about GivingThree friends were having food in Bhandara.

(Bhandara service in Hindu Dharma, is the special free of cost meal, served to the devotees present in the Temple.)

While eating food, first friend said, “I wish, i too could do such Bhandara..”

Second said, “Yes friend, but our salary is not even enough to meet our daily needs. How can we do such service.”

Third said, “Expenses are so many, from where can we save enough to do organize Bhandara..”

A Mahatma sitting near them was also listening to their words.

He said to them, “Son, to do Bhandara, you don’t need just money but only desire or thought is needed to do so…”

All three of them looked at Mahatma with astonishment.

Mahatma looked at their curious face and laughed and said, “What happened? There are many ways to do Bhandara.

Take 5 – 10 grams of flour daily and keep it at place of ants to eat. You will see that many ants and spiders will happily eat it.

Take some grains of rice and lentils and scatter them on you terrace. Keep a bowl filled with water there. Birds and pigeons will come and eat it.

Feed one chapati to a cow and dog daily. Keep water filled bowl outside the house for them to drink.

See, if yo do even these things, this is Bhandara.”

Mahatma continue, “God had arranged food for everyone. You and me sitting here enjoying this food. Isn’t it? It’s because God has written our name on this grain.

Son, you can provide food for animals. Whatever arrangements you make to do that, that too will happen only by will of God.”

Listening to this, a soothing smile came to face of three friend and they were to found out way to do Bhandara.

To Give food to Every Living being created by God. To help others and work selflessly for public welfare, are qualities that we should teach our children from childhood.

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