Three Brothers and Scholar Story – Way to Progress

Three Brothers and Scholar Help Story - Way to ProgressOnce a scholar was passing through a village where his childhood friend used to live. He decided to visit his friend’s house.

When he arrived at his friend’s house, he saw that his friend was living in poverty, along with his two brothers.

Scholar met his friend and after a talking for a while. He got up to leave as he didn’t want to put burden on him but his friend asked him to stay. Because his friend insisted, he decided to stay for night.

In evening, while talking to his friend, scholar noticed that his brothers went to backyard of their house and started smashing out legumes from the legume tree present there.

After that both his friend’s brothers took those legume and went to market to sell it, to earn some money.

Scholar asked his friend about it and came to know that his friend and brothers are living like that for long time. They would just sell those legume every time they needed money.

Later evening when brothers returned, they bought some pluses and flour to make food.

Quantity of food made was so less that it was enough for only two people. Seeing that one brother made excuse that he is fasting so he won’t be eating any food. Another brother said that he had bad stomach and because of that he won’t be able to eat food.

Only friend and scholar sat down to eat.

At night, scholar couldn’t sleep thinking about how to help his friend. Just then an idea came in his mind.

When everyone was asleep, scholar woke up and picked up an axe, went to courtyard, cut down that legume tree. After cutting that tree, scholar ran away overnight.

In morning, when friend and his brothers woke up and went to backyard, they were shocked to see this. When friend looked for scholar and couldn’t find him, he understood that it was his doing.

Soon, crowd gather and everyone started condemning scholar for cutting that tree and destroying only support for livelihood of three brothers. All three brothers had tears in their eyes.

3 years passed by.

By chance, scholar had to pass through that same village. Scholar thought to meeting his friend but was afraid to step into the village. He still he gather his courage, even ready to be beaten, he slowly reached in front of his friend’s house.

But to his surprise, this time, it was not a hut but a big house at place of his friends hut. When scholar knocked at door. Seeing scholar’s friend and his brothers fell at his feet crying.

His friend welcomed him inside and said, “That day you cut down that legume tree, our only income source and left. We were very angry with you.

But now we understand why you had cut that legume that night. As long as we live with the support, we couldn’t have progressed.

If you had not cut that legume tree that day, We wouldn’t have thought of working again and lived in poverty like that forever. When we lost that source and looked for ways to earn our livelihood. We worked hard and became prosperous.”

Whenever there is support, we adopt to being impoverishment in laziness. We don’t do anything until we have absolute no need, until darkness surround us.

Such trees are planted in every sphere of out life and if we are stuck then we need to cut such trees in one stroke because that’s only way to progress.

We have to come out of our comfort zone to live a successful life.

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  1. If the scholar hadn’t cutted down that tree, they wouldn’t have thought of another alternative to make money,they would have dwelt so much on the legume not knowing that cutting it down would yield more income and also buy them more ideas on how to make more eranings.

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