Three Balls Story – Reason for Unhappiness

Three Balls Story - Reason for UnhappinessOnce there was a man who was very successful in his life but in spite of having everything, he was not happy.

One day man got to know about saint who came to his city.

Man went to Saint and said, “I have car, bungalow, money and all means of luxury, still i am not happy. I used to think that by achieving success, i will feel peaceful but still there is no peace in my life. Now you only guide me.”

Saint listened to him carefully and then went inside room. He came out with three balls in his hands.

Out of those three balls – One ball was made of glass, one was of ceramic and one was made of rubber.

Giving those balls in hands of that man, he said, “I will tell you solution but before that let me give you a small task. Take these ball and toss them one after other in such a way that at least one ball remains in air at a time.”

Man started tossing those balls in the air. If he throws one ball in the air, then two balls remain in his hands. When the ball thrown in the air was about to fall down, he would catch that ball by tossing one of the balls in his hand. This kept going on like this.

After some time, when ceramic ball was in air and glass and rubber balls were in his hands, man could not maintain his balance and ceramic ball started falling down on ground.

Seeing this, man immediately dropped the rubber ball from his hand and caught the ceramic ball.

When Saint saw this, he asked, “Son, why did you drop the rubber ball? Why didn’t you let ceramic ball fall?”

Man replied, “If glass or ceramic ball fall on ground, it would break. But there is no harm if he rubber ball falls down. So when i felt that i would be able to handle only two balls, i caught ceramic and glass balls in my hands and dropped the rubber ball down.”

Hearing this, Saint said, “The problem for which you had come to me to find a solution, you yourself found the solution. Now listen carefully, these three balls represent the priorities of your life.

The ceramic ball represents you and your family. The glass ball is the essential tool of your job, business, money and life. Rubber balls are those luxuries, without which life can be spent comfortably.

You focused on glass and rubber ball in your life and filled it with expensive house, car, bungalow and all means of comfort but didn’t pay attention to your family which is represented by ceramic ball. This is the reason why you are missing happiness and peace in your life.

While moving forward in life, set your priority. Whenever you feel that the balance of the three balls of life is deteriorating, leave the rubber ball then happiness will always remain in life.”

It often happens in life that while running after work and money, we are unable to spare time for ourselves and our loved ones and this is the reason why we keep on longing for happiness and peace.

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