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Thinking Wisely Stories - Little Girl Wise Reply StoryStory 1: Taking Care..!!

Once in an acrobats show, there was a little girl and young women. They used to perform in pair. Young lady would teach tricks to girl and little girl would learn them obediently from her.

In show, their act consisted of young lady balancing a pole in her hand and little girl would have to climb it up to the top. Once girl would reach top and make her balance young lady would walk around with it.

During their act they both knew that complete focus is needed in order to maintain balance and prevent any injury from occurring.

One day young lady said to little girl, “Listen dear.. during our act, i will watch you and you watch me so that we can help each other maintain balance and prevent any accident to occur and complete our act.

But little girl replied, “Master.. I think it would be better for each of us to watch our self. To look after oneself means to look after both of us. That way I am sure we will avoid any accidents and complete our act.”

It’s important to Take care of Yourself first as taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do to Take Care of Others.






Thinking Wisely Stories - Dandelions Problem StoryStory 2: Getting Rid..??

A man used to love gardening and he took great pride in his lawn. One day he found large number of dandelions spread in his lawn.

He got rid of them. After some time this happened again. He tried different methods to get rid of them for long time but still time after time dandelions plagued his garden.

Fed up of this he wrote to Department of Agriculture and told them about all the things he tried to get rid of dandelions. He asked them for some permanent solution asking, “What shall i do now??”

After some time reply came which was,”We suggest you to learn them..”

When something Problems Us and we can’t seem to Find any Solution then We should Just Make Peace with it.

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