The Pig and Sheep Story! Comparing Situations

The Pig n Sheep Story! Comparing SituationsOne day, shepherd found a fat pig in the meadow where his sheep were grazing. Shepherd silently followed that pig and caught it.

As soon as shepherd caught pig, it started screaming, squealing loudly and tried to free himself from shepherd’s grip but in-spite of all the struggle, pig couldn’t escape.

In end, shepherd tied that pig and hung it on his shoulder to go to butcher, pig was still squealing.

Sheep that were grazing in field, saw all this and was surprised at this behavior of pig.

One of the sheep followed asked pig, “Why are you screaming like this? Why creating so much fuss about this?”

Then making a brave face, Sheep said, “Often, shepherd catch one of us and carries off with one of us.. But we never make such fuss.. You should be ashamed to behave like that..”

Listening to this pig got angry and shouted at sheep,”Shut up!! It’s easy for you to stay calm and not make fuss about it.. because when shepherd takes you away all he need is your wool.. but what he wants from me is.. my meat.. I am going to get killed..”

Don’t compare Different Situations without Understanding them Completely.

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