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The Holy Man Short Story - Judging Other on Basis of Their AppearanceOnce people of a village came to know about a wise holy man who used to live in a small house on mountain top which was very difficult to reach to. Thinking of difficulty to reach there no one from village ever tried to visit him.

One day, a man from village decided to take the long journey and meet that holy man. After quiet struggle and difficulty he at last arrived at the top of mountain. There he saw a small house. He was tried from the journey but any how reached at the door of that house.

He knocked on the door. After a while he saw an old man coming outside the house. Old man greeted him and asked him about his purpose to come.

Man looked at him and said, “I would like to see your master, holy man who lives here. Would you please take me to him.”

Old man smiled and led him inside house. As they were walking through house, man from village eagerly looked here and there anticipating his encounter with wise man But before he knew it, he was escorted back outside the house through the front door. Man was confused.

Man said, “But i want to see holy man..!!”

“You already have..”, replied old man.

Man was surprised to see that such simple looking person was the holy man he came to meet. Man apologized for mistaking him as a servant and decided to take leave.

As man was leaving, old man smiled and said, “Every time you meet someone even if they seems to be plain and insignificant, you must see each of them as wise man.. If you do this then whatever problem you brought here today.. will be solved..

We should not Judge someone by his Looks.

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