The Fat Lady Story..!!

The Fat Lady Story - Motivational Life Short Stories in EnglishStory of guy who met a very healthy woman in flight.

Squeezing herself into the seat she smiled and said, “Hi, how are you? Not in mood to talk to any stranger he ignored.
Women repeated her greeting in friendly voice, leaning toward the guy forcing him to look at her. Guy replied with, “Hi.” with intention of avoiding the further talk.

Guy turned away and stare out of the cabin. Again the woman nudged and said, “My name is Laura. I am from Britain. Where are you from?”
“Malaysia” ,Guy replied rudely.

She continued chat, “Please accept my heartfelt apology. I am sorry. This is gonna be long flight so we should better be friends, Don’t you think?” Ignoring the unfriendly behavior of the guy.

She started to talk about her trip and how excited she was about the trip. Her such liveliness made the guy lower his guards. With passing time he realized that she was charming and made everyone smile around her. During conversation, She managed to make every crew member laugh. She cracked jokes about her size. One of the flight attended came to her and said’ “Thank you, You made my day!”

In between all the fun and talk guy asked woman, “Have you ever thought about losing some weight? Aren’t you worried about disease that come with being over weight?”
She chuckled replied, “Not at all, I am happy the way i am. Why should i waste my time on slimming when i have more important things to do. I am this size because i was born big. Folks often call me big lady, they think I am lazy and have no will power. They are wrong.”

“I am actually a slim person. I am so full of nature that people won’t be able to keep up with me. I know this extra flesh is here to keep me from chasing after men everywhere.” she continued smiling.

Guy asked, “Do men chase after you?”
“Yes, I am happily married and still get proposals all the time. Most of them have relationship problems and for some reasons they like to talk to me. Sometimes I think i should be counselor instead of teacher,” She replied.

Woman’s thoughtful conversations had turned flight into thoroughly enjoyable journey. After reaching airport and bidding goodbye, Guy realized that she was the most beautiful women he ever met in his life.

We should be confident about ourselves. Heart beauty matter’s much more than Physical beauty.

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