The Cracked Pot Short Story

The Cracked Pot Short Story - Best Motivational Moral StoriesIn India there was a water bearer. He had two large pots hanging on side on a pole which he used to carry on his shoulders.

One of the pot was little cracked and it used to get half empty on reaching master’s house while other pot was perfect and full portion of water was delivered at the end of walk.

Water bearer used same pots for 2 years and this made perfect pot proud of its accomplishment but cracked pot was ashamed of its imperfection and felt miserable. Cracked pot felt like a failure as it was not able to deliver full water.

So one day cracked pot said to water bearer, “I am sorry, i want to apologize to you.”

Water bearer asked, “What are you apologizing for?”

Pot replied, “Because of me you don’t get full value for your work. You work so hard and because of crack inside me half of water leaks out on the way back to master’s house.”

After listening to this water bearer felt sorry for cracked pot and replied with compassion and said, “On way back to home, I want you to notice beautiful flowers along the path.”

As water was bearer was returning to way master’s home cracked pot noticed that, “There were beautiful wild flowers on his side of the path.” It made pot happy but still it was sad again as they reached him house because it was half empty.

On reaching home water bearer said to pot, “Did you noticed that there were flowers on only your side of path but on other side of path but not on other side. I have known about your flaw all along so i took advantage of that. I planted flower seeds on your side of path and for two years you been watering them. Without you being the way you are i may not have been able to et all those beautiful flowers for my master.”

Each of Us have Unique Flaws but in this World nothing goes Waste. You may think that you are Useless but somehow these Flaws can turn out to be Blessing in disguise.

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