The Chained Elephant Story..!!

Chained Elephant Story - Motivational Stories for Life EnglishAs a man was passing by the circus. He suddenly stopped amused and confused by seeing that a small rope was tied to the front leg of elephant to held him there.

He thought to himself, “No chains, No cages. It’s obvious that such huge elephant can easily break this small rope and be free anytime he want but for some reason he did not.”

While he was thinking trainer pass by him. He stopped him and asked, “Why this elephant just stood there and making no attempt to get away?”

Trainer replied, “Well, When he was very young and much smaller we used the same size rope to them and at that age, Its enough to hold them. As they grow up, they started to believe that they can not break away and this rope can still hold them. So they never try to free.”

Like that elephant, many of us go through life hanging on to belief that we can not do something, Simply because we failed once before..!!

Failure is a Part of Learning. We should Never Give up the Struggle in Life.

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