Teacher Lesson to Students Arguing – Point of View

Teacher Lesson to Students Arguing - Point of ViewIn a class, two students started quarreling with each other. Seeing their quarrel, teacher asked, “What’s matter? Why you two are fighting like this?”

First student said, “Sir! He is not listening to me.”

Second student said, “Sir, why should i listen to him? What he is saying is wrong. So, what is use of listening to this?”

Both of them didn’t even wanted to listen to each other. To help them reconcile, teacher called them. Both students went and stood near teacher’s desk. Teacher asked one student to stand on one side of desk and asked other to stand on opposite side.

Teacher asked them to close their eyes and then took out a ball from desk drawer and placed it in the center of the desk.

After that he asked both students to open their eyes and said, “Look at this ball and tell me what color it is?”

First student said, “Color of this ball is white.”

Another said, “No sir, it is black.”

Both answers were different and they again started arguing. Seeing this, teacher calmed both of them and asked them to change their places.

When both changed their places.

Teacher again asked, “Now, look at the ball, what color it is?”

First student replied, “Sir, color of ball is black.”

Second student said, “Sir, it is of white color.”

Seeing this both students were surprised and realized that they both were right.

Teacher explained, “This ball is made of two colors. It looks white from one side and black from other. Both of your answers are correct. Only difference is in your view.

Life is like that too. In life also, it is not necessary that one whose opinion is different from yours is wrong. It’s just a difference of point of view.

In such a situation, instead of getting into argument, we should try to understand the point of view of others. Only then we will be able to understand other’s person point and will be able to explain our point better to them.”

Both students understood and decided not to argue anymore and try understand each other point of view.

Circumstances can be different in life. Attitude of people towards those situations may be different. We often give our comments without knowing others circumstances and stick to our point of view.

In such a situation, a situation of dispute or debate is created, which eventually becomes the reason for the deterioration of the relationship.

Therefore, before giving your comment on any matter, one should get a good knowledge of the situation or matter. Also, if there is a situation of difference of opinion, then one should try to understand the point of view of the other. So that better communication can be established.

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