Way to Calm Mind..!!

Buddhist Stories of Wisdom - How to Calm Disturbed Mind Short Stories

Once Buddha with his followers was traveling from one town to another town. While traveling they walked by a lake. After some time they all stopped to rest. After all settled down one of his disciples asked him, “How can we calm mind when we have disturbing thoughts??” Buddha was sitting under tree and said … Read more

Judge Others / Problems in Life

Short Story about Problems in Life - Hermit Short Stories about Judging

Story 1: Spilling sand from Bucket..!! Once a monk committed grave fault. A Wise hermit was summoned to Judge him.. Hermit refused to judge but still other monks insisted him to come and judge. At last hermit agreed. On the day on judgement, he arrived on the place carrying a bucket of sand on his … Read more

Judging Other’s – Zen Master Stories..!!

Zen Master Stories - Judging Others Short Moral Stories for Kids to Learn

Story 1: Try to See Yourself..!! Once Japanese master said to his disciples, “When you look at your companions, try to see yourself..” One of disciple questioned, “But Master.. Isn’t that an awful selfish attitude?? If we see ourselves in everyone, we will always be just concerned about ourselves and we will never be able … Read more

What You Want Most? – Awesome Zen Stories

Awesome Zen Stories - What you Want Most Stories

Story 1: What you want Most..?? Once a young boy came to a monk meditating by a river side. Young master came to master and said, “Master, i wish to become your disciple..” Monk questioned, “Why?” Young man thought for a moment and replied, “Because i want to find God.” Just then suddenly Master jumped … Read more

Comparing Ourselves with Others..!!

Comparing Ourselves to Others Story - Zen Master and Samurai Moral Stories

Once a Samurai went to visit a Zen monk to seek some advice. As he entered temple where masters were praying, see this he felt inferior and felt that in-spite of having fought for justice and peace he hadn’t even come near state of grace which was achieved was monks praying there. As monk finished … Read more

Way to Achieve Goal!! Short Stories

Short Stories about Achieving Goals - Importance of Harmony in Life Story

One day master was watching a practice session in courtyard. All students were doing their practices. Among all those students he noticed that there was one young man who was trying to perfect his technique but he is not able to work on that move properly and it seemed to master that young man was … Read more

Find Your Own Path – Powerful Life Lesson

Powerful Life Lesson Stories - Monk Advice Story

Story 1: Insult and Praise..!! A person went to Abbot and asked him, “What would be the best way to please God?” “Go to cemetery and insult the dead.” replied Abbot. Person did was told to do by Abbot. Next day he came back to Abbot. When abbot met person, asked him, “Did they respond?” … Read more

Choice: Heaven or Hell..?

Choices Short Story - Best Zen Short Story About Heaven or Hell English

One day a very famous samurai came to Zen Master Hakuin. Being a samurai he knew only about life and death. So he just wanted to know where were the gates of heaven and hell. So that when the time comes he could escape hell and go to heaven. So he asked Master, “Where is … Read more

Two Monks Conversation!!

Worse than a Clown Monks Story ZenStories Enlightenment

Story 1. Once two monks were traveling. They were going to another monastery. Due to their rules they were not even allowed to look at women. After walking for long they reached a river which they had to cross. The flow of river was so flooded that they couldn’t get across it without getting wet. … Read more

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