Buddha Condition for Woman – Mustard Seeds Story

Buddha Condition for Woman - Mustard Seeds Story

Once a woman’s only little child died. She got almost insane and went around with her child body asking people, “Is there any physician anywhere who can make my child alive again? Please tell me.!” It happened that Buddha was coming to town, one of villager said to her, “I don’t know any physician but … Read more

Young Man Search for Perfect Master..!

Young Man Search for Perfect Master - Life Lesson Zen Stories

Long ago, a man went in search of Master. He was determined to find Master for himself, and for that he was even ready to go around world. When he began his journey, just outside his village, he saw an old man who was sitting under a tree. Man went to him and said, “You … Read more

One’s Nature and Enlightenment – Buddha Stories

Ones Nature and Enlightenment - Buddha Stories of Wisdom

Story 1: Angry Man Abuses Buddha..! Once somebody came and started insulting and abusing Buddha. Buddha listened silently. When man walked away, one of disciples asked Buddha, “Why did you remain silent?” Buddha said, “Once I was passing through a forest and a branch of a tree fell on me. What do you think? Should … Read more

Two Monk and a Woman – Zen Teaching

Two Monk and Lady at River Bank - Zen Teaching Story

Once upon a time, two monks were traveling together. One their way to home, they came to bank of river and found that bridge was damaged. They had to wade (walk through) across the river. A pretty lady was standing on bank of river, She was also stuck there because of damaged bridge. She had … Read more

Anger or Love: Your Choice – Zen Master Rinzai

Anger or Love Your Choice - Zen Master Rinzai Story

Once there was great Zen master, Rinzai. He used to meet people at his place, where he used to meet people. One day a man came to him. Man was not in good mood and because of this when he entered Master’s room, he pushed and slammed door very hard. He removed his shoes and … Read more

Buddha and Criminal – Life Transformation Story

Life Transformation Stories - Desire and Intensity to Change Life Story

Once a man who was a well known criminal, sinner. One day he decided to go meet Buddha. He wanted to be initiated and wanted Buddha’s help but he was afraid people might not allow him to enter at his place. So, he decided to go at such time when there were not too many … Read more

Short Zen Stories on Self Awareness

Zen Stories on Self Awareness - Zen Monk Bokuju Story abt Being Alert

Story 1: Anxiety Solution – Zen Master Bokuju Once lived a Zen master Bokuju. He used to live inside cave alone most of time. He would sometimes loudly say, “Bokuju” his own name and the himself would say, “Yes, I am here.” He would this anytime, day or night. There were some disciples who used … Read more

Zen Master Test for Boys..!

Short Stories about Stealing - Zen Master Test for Young Boys Moral Story

Once upon a time, on outskirt of a big city stood an old temple. Many young boys who wanted to study Buddhism would come to live in temple and to learn from Master (Head Buddhist Monk) at temple. One day, Master decided to test his students. So he gathered all young boys around him and … Read more

Zen Story – Archery Skill..!!

Zen Story on Ego - Zen Master and Young Man Archery Competition Story

Once an accomplished young archer got to know about a Zen master who was famous for his prowess in archery. Young archer was proud of his skills and went to Zen master and dared him to a test of their skills. On the day of test, both came on decided place. First was young man’s … Read more

Zen Master Story – Salt in Lake.!

Zen Master Short Stories - Way to Live Happy Life Moral Stories in English

Once a young man was very unhappy with his life. He felt depressed and terrible all the time. He got to know about a zen master in near by town. One day he decided to visit master and ask for solution. Young man went to him and said, “I have so many problems in life … Read more

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