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Two Monk and Lady at River Bank - Zen Teaching Story

Two Monk and a Woman – Zen Teaching

Once upon a time, two monks were traveling together. One their way to home, they came to bank of river and found that bridge was damaged. They had to wade…

Zen Stories on Self Awareness - Zen Monk Bokuju Story abt Being Alert

Short Zen Stories on Self Awareness

Story 1: Anxiety Solution – Zen Master Bokuju Once lived a Zen master Bokuju. He used to live inside cave alone most of time. He would sometimes loudly say, “Bokuju”…

Short Stories about Stealing - Zen Master Test for Young Boys Moral Story

Zen Master Test for Boys..!

Once upon a time, on outskirt of a big city stood an old temple. Many young boys who wanted to study Buddhism would come to live in temple and to…

Zen Story on Ego - Zen Master and Young Man Archery Competition Story

Zen Story – Archery Skill..!!

Once an accomplished young archer got to know about a Zen master who was famous for his prowess in archery. Young archer was proud of his skills and went to…

Zen Master Short Stories - Way to Live Happy Life Moral Stories in English

Zen Master Story – Salt in Lake.!

Once a young man was very unhappy with his life. He felt depressed and terrible all the time. He got to know about a zen master in near by town….

Buddhist Stories of Wisdom - How to Calm Disturbed Mind Short Stories

Way to Calm Mind..!!

Once Buddha with his followers was traveling from one town to another town. While traveling they walked by a lake. After some time they all stopped to rest. After all…