Where is Mind? Bodhidharma Question to Emperor

Where is Mind Bodhidharma Question to Emperor

When Bodhidharma went to China, then Chinese emperor came to know about him. He went to see him. Emperor said, “My mind is very uneasy, very disturbed. You are a great Sage. Please tell me what i should do to put my mind at peace.” Bodhidharma said, “You don’ have to do anything, just bring … Read more

Neither Good nor Bad – Zen Master Hakuin Story

Neither Bad nor Good - Zen Master Hakuin Story

Once Zen master Hakuin lived on outskirts of a village in Japan. He was very famous and has great reputation. Whole village respected him. Whenever he would go to village for alms, people would greet and welcome him and would give him many things. But one day everything changed. A young unmarried girl in village … Read more

Anger or Love: Your Choice – Zen Master Rinzai

Anger or Love Your Choice - Zen Master Rinzai Story

Once there was great Zen master, Rinzai. He used to meet people at his place, where he used to meet people. One day a man came to him. Man was not in good mood and because of this when he entered Master’s room, he pushed and slammed door very hard. He removed his shoes and … Read more

Master’s Mantra and Monkeys – Tibetan Story

Famous Tibetan Stories - Old Master Mantra and Monkeys Best Story

Very Interesting Story (Must Read) Once a man used to serve his old master, day and night. He would make food, bring water from well, massage his master’s feet and do all things for his master. Old master used to say, “Why are you wasting your time?” Old master knew that there must be some … Read more

King’s Reaction – Disciple Test Story

Disciple Test Story - Last Initiation Test by Master and King Reaction Story

Once a disciple as going to be given his last initiation by his master. Once he passes his last initiation he would be declared enlightened. Disciple went to master and said, “I am ready. Please tell me what i have to do for my last initiation.” Master said, “You have to go to King, early … Read more

Bodhidharma and Emperor Story

Bodhidharma Story - Emperor Awakening Story Zen Teaching Stories

Once Bodhidharma decided to visit China. His fame had reached before him. Chinese Emperor himself came to receive Bodhidharma. Emperor had come from far away, from his capital in center to border of China, to receive Bodhidharma. Bodhidharma when reached, he was carrying one shoe on his head and one was on his foot, this … Read more

Man’s Innocence – Zen Enlightenment Story

Stories on Innocence - Zen Teaching Monk Disciple Enlightenment Story

Once there was big monastery, where lived 500 monks. They were all practicing path of self remembering under their Master. One day a man went to monastery to become disciple. Master accepted him as disciple but because he was simple, uneducated man from village, Master gave him job of rice cleaning in kitchen. Monastery kitchen … Read more

Old Zen Master and Archer Story..!

Old Man and Archer Zen Story - Learning Zen Ways for Better Control

Once a man was perfect in archery. He went to Emperor of China and said that he wants to be recognized as greatest and best archer in China and for that he was ready for any challenge. Emperor said, “Have you heard about an old archer who lives deep in mountains?” Man replied, “I haven’t … Read more

Short Zen Stories on Self Awareness

Zen Stories on Self Awareness - Zen Monk Bokuju Story abt Being Alert

Story 1: Anxiety Solution – Zen Master Bokuju Once lived a Zen master Bokuju. He used to live inside cave alone most of time. He would sometimes loudly say, “Bokuju” his own name and the himself would say, “Yes, I am here.” He would this anytime, day or night. There were some disciples who used … Read more

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