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Woodcutter and Eagle Story for Kids - Helping Other and Misunderstanding Moral

Woodcutter and Eagle Story for Kids

One day a woodcutter was passing through the forest. At one place, he saw an eagle trapper in a trap placed there by a hunter. Woodcutter felt pity toward that eagle. He checked around to see if hunter was near by and then seeing no one he ran toward trapped eagle and freed him from…

Honest Woodcutter Story - Aesops Fables Classic Short Moral Stories for Kids

Woodcutter Honesty – Aesop Fable

Once in a village lived a woodcutter. Everyday morning he would go to forest to cut trees and then in evening he would bring woods back to village in market to sell. He used to earn just enough to make a living. One day he was cutting a tree near a river. While cutting his…

Woodcutter and Beggar Story - Different Perspective Towards Life Solution

Woodcutter and Beggar (Must Read)

Once in a village lived two wood cutter Rohit and Sahil . Every morning they would go out to forest to cut wood to sell it to near by market. They both used to earn enough to survive. One day while wood cutter were taking a break from their and sat to eat lunch, there…

Smart Work Short Stories - Hard Work vs Smart Work Winning Short Story

Smart Work – Lumberjack Competition

In a town, every year an annual lumberjack competition was held. The rule for the competition was simple, who ever cut the most tree at the day end would be the winner. This year there were only two people in the final. One was old and experienced lumberjack while another was younger and stronger lumberjack….

Woodcutter Moral Stories - Time to Relax Think Motivational Uplifting Story

Woodcutter Story – Take Time to Think.. (Must Read)

Once upon a time, In a village lived a woodcutter. Woodcutter went to a timber merchant for a job and he got it. His pay was good and working condition was also good and because of this wood cutter wanted to do his best. Now on the first day of work his boos gave him…

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