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Clever Farmer Story - Funny Farmer King Conversation Short Story Share

Farmer Clever Reply to King..!

In a small village lived a very hardworking farmer. Once in his field he had grown a huge watermelon. Farmer was very proud of his watermelon and he knew it was the biggest anyone had ever seen. He gazed it for hours thinking about what to do with it. First he thought that he should…

The Boatman and The Scholar Short Story - Waste of Time Interesting Short Story

Mulla Nasrudin Witty Reply Stories

Story 1: Being a Nobody..!! Once Nasruddin went to a formal reception and seated himself on the most elegant chair. Seeing this Chief of guard approached him and said, “Sir, these seats are reserved for Guests of Honor.” Nasruddin confidently replied, “Oh, i am more than mere guest of Honor.” Chief questioned, “Oh so you…

Nasreddin Short Stories - Witty Reply Funny Short Stories in English Share

Nasreddin Short Stories

Story 1: Violation of Principles..!! Once a very famous philosopher was traveling and he came to Nasruddin’s village. He went to his home and after they both meet, philosopher asked Nasruddin about a good place to eat in his village. Nasruddin suggested him a place. Philosopher also wanted have conversation with Nasruddin so he Invited…

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