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Earn Respect Moral Stories - Little Boy n Wise Old Man Inspirational Story

Little Boy Race – Earn Respect

Once in village lived a little boy who was very athletic and for whom winning was most important. One day, that boy participated in running competition held in village. In that competition he competed with other two young boys. Race commenced, crowd cheered and waved at him. Boy called on his determination and strength, he…

Moral Stories on Promise - An Important Lesson on Promise n Friendship

Friend’s Promise..!!

Once Birbal and his friend were going somewhere. In their way they had to pass a small stream, on which there was a old bridge which was so narrow that only one person could pass at a time and with time it had become too slippery. When they reached there Birbal managed to get across…

Birbal Stories - Stories of Birbal Wisdom Fun to Read Short Moral Stories

Akbar’s Order..!! Stories of Birbal Wisdom

Once Akbar got angry with Birbal and asked him to leave the palace and never come back to his palace. Birbal accepted Akbar’s command and resigned from his post as Akbar’s minister and left palace. After leaving Birbal went to a far away village and started to work there under a farmer with different identity….

Arrogant King Story - Wise Sage Reply Stories with Moral Lesson English

Arrogant King and Wise Sage Story

Once there was a kingdom which was ruled by a tyrant king. He was so arrogant that he couldn’t stand praise of anyone else except for himself. One time in his kingdom came a Sage. Sage admiration was spread through kingdom with in few days. He was kind and wise. He helped people by giving…

Stories about Unusual Pets - Acting Sensibly With Nature Moral Lesson

Unusual Pet – Snake.!

Once in village a man used to live alone at home. He loved animals and wanted to keep a pet for himself. One day while walking by village cross road, he saw a little poisonous snake who was searching for food. Man liked it so much that he decided to keep it as his pet….

Moral Stories on Power and Responsibility - Never Look Down on Others

Sage Advice – Hermit’s Power..!!

Once a hermit used to live in forest and meditated for years. With his devotion he got powers from God which he could use in the time of need. Hermit was a humble person but after he got power, he became too proud of himself. After returning from jungle he went to village. One day…

Snake and The Holy man Story - Teaching Life Lesson Short Moral Stories

Holy Man and Snake Hissing..!

Once in small village lived a snake who used to attack and kill village animals. Villagers wanted to respect all creatures but they hate that snake because snake was not just attacking animals but now it used to attack villagers children also. All villagers wanted to kill snake. So one day all villagers gathered on…

Short Story about Respect - Witch and Knight Short Moral Stories to Learn

Respect – Old Witch and Knight..!

Once there was a very noble name Arthur who was captured by his neighboring king. Enemy could have killed him but Enemy king knew that he was very wise and noble king. So he offered him freedom but on one condition. He would have to figure out an answer and even if after an year…

Secret of Happiness Stories - Wise Man Advice to Young Man Moral Story

Wise Man Advice – Secret of Happiness!!

Once an old man wanted his son to learn about secret of happiness so he sent his son far away to meet a man who was known for being wisest man. Son obeyed his father. It took him weeks to reach that place. There young man saw a very big and beautiful castle on mountain…

Old Man and Boy in Village Story - Its our Choice Learning Story with Moral

Wise Old Man and Boy Story

Once a wise old man who lived in Himalaya used to visits local villages once a while. During his visits to local villages he used to meet villagers and entertain them and sometimes amuse them with his abilities. His ability was to tell anyone about the contents they hold in their pocket without looking at…