Woman Anger Issue and it’s Medicine

Woman Anger Issue and it's Medicine

Once in a village, lived a woman who was short temper by nature. She used to get angry at every little things and say bad things to people around when angry. People living in neighborhood were upset with her and were afraid to even talk to her. Even at her home, this anger had become … Read more

King’s Question and Wise Man Interesting Answer

King's Question and Wise Man Interesting Answer

One day King came to know about a wise man who was visiting his kingdom. King got curious and called for wise man to visit his court. When wise man came to King’s court, King said to him, “I have heard about your wisdom. I want to ask you something but if you are not … Read more

Old Man/ Wise Man Story – Motivational Stories for Adults

Unhappy Old Man Story - Motivational Stories for Adults

Story 1: Unhappy Old Man..! Once in a village lived an old man who was considered himself most unfortunate person in the world. He would always stay gloomy and constantly complained and was always in bad mood. Whole Village was tired of his this behavior. Longer he lived, more he became bile and more poisonous … Read more

Old Woman Problem and Wise Minister Solution

The Verdict - Old Woman Problem and Wise Minister Solution Story

Once four friends were passing by forest where they found a vessel filled with money. Seeing that, they decided to go to town and start a business with that money. Three of them liked suggestion, however fourth one didn’t like idea. Still he decided to stay quiet and planned to steal money, they found. Four … Read more

Who is Real Mother?

Who is Real Mother - Mother's Love for her Child Jataka Tales

Once in a village, two women were fighting over a little child. Matter was taken to wise village chief. First woman said, “He is my child. Please tell her to leave him alone.” Another woman cried, “No, he is mine.” Wise man said to first woman, “What do you have to say?” She replied, “He … Read more

Farmer Digging Wells – Rumi and His Disciples Story

Farmer Digging Wells - Rumi and His Disciples Story

Once Jalaluddin Rumi took all his disciples to a field. Disciples thought, “What message is he going to give us at that faraway field? Why can’t he say it here?” When they reached field, they saw that a farmer was digging a well in his field and he had already dug eight incomplete wells. He … Read more

What’s Valuable – Wealth or Wisdom? Baal Shem Tov Story

What Valuable - Wealth or Wisdom Baal Shem Tov Story

It’s story about a Jewish mystic, Baal Shem. Once someone came to him and asked, “Which is more significant, more valuable – Wealth or Wisdom?” Baal Shem laughed and said, “Of course, wisdom is more significant, more valuable.” Man said, “Then, I have another question – I always see you – the wise man, waiting … Read more

Farmer’s Well and Cunning Neighbor Story

Farmer's Well and Cunning Neighbor - Akbar Birbal Story

One day, a farmer was looking for a water source for his farm. So, one day he went to his neighbor and asked him if he can sell his well to him. Neighbor agreed. Farmer bought well. But neighbor was a cunning man. Next day, as farmer came to draw water from his well, his … Read more

Farmer Digging Well..!!

Farmer Digging Well Story - Encouraging Moral Story for Kids

Once in a village, lived a young farmer named Shyamlal. He once set out to dig a well enthusiastically. He selected a good spot and cheerfully set to work. After digging 25 feet, he saw no sign of water. He got tired and  decided to rest for a while and then continue. Just then another … Read more

Perfect Happiness – Couple Story

Couple Story - Searching for Perfectly Happy Couple Interesting Story

Once a young couple lived in city. They were living a happy life together but they would still worry about if their happiness would last forever. One day, they heard that an old man had come to town who could solve all kind of problems. So couple decided to visit wise old man and told … Read more

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