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How to Live Happy Life - Quotes by Dalai Lama

How to Live Happy Life – Quotes by Dalai Lama

Instead of Wondering Why this is Happening to You, Consider Why this is Happening to You. If you Don’t Love yourself, you Cannot love Others. If you have No Compassion for Yourself then you are Not able of developing Compassion for Others. What is the Meaning of Life? To be Happy and Useful. When you…

Ways to Live Better Life - Quotes by Dalai Lama

Ways to Live Better Life – Quotes by Dalai Lama

It is under the Greatest adversity that There exists the Greatest potential for doing Good, both for Oneself and Others. Hard times build Determination and Inner strength. Through them we can also come to Appreciate the Uselessness of Anger. Instead of getting Angry, nurture a Deep caring and Respect for troublemakers because by Creating such…

World Renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking Famous Quotes

25 Famous Stephen Hawking Quotes

Best selling Author, Award winning Physicist and beloved Star Trek guest star Stephen Hawking was the First to set out a Theory of Cosmology explained by a Union of the General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.   Quiet people have the Loudest Minds. Intelligence is the Ability to Adapt to Change. Life would be…

Maya Angelou Quotes - Motivational n Inspiring Quotes on Courage n Life

29 Inspiring Maya Angelou Quotes

#Courage Develop enough Courage so that You can Stand up for yourself and then Stand up for Somebody else. One is not necessarily Born with Courage but one is born with Potential. Without Courage, we cannot Practice any other virtue with Consistency. We can’t be Kind, true, Merciful, generous or Honest. To Develop courage you…

21 Inspiring Mark Twain Quotes - Mark Twain Famous Quotes on Life

21 Inspiring Quotes by Mark Twain

Thousands of Geniuses Live and Die undiscovered – Either by themselves or by Others. It is Better to Keep your Mouth closed and Let people think you are a Fool than to Open it and Remove all Doubt. Wisdom is the Reward you get for a Lifetime of Listening, When you would rather have Talked….

Famous Quotes by Mark Twain - Best Motivational and Wisdom by Author

Short Famous Quotes by Mark Twain

Samuel Clemens also known as Mark Twain was a major American writer from Missouri. His stories and Novels are famous for their Humor, Vivid details and Memorable characters. Mark Twain never Failed to Display the Brilliance of his Mind using Eloquent words that still Inspires our Generation today.   #Motivational The Secret of getting Ahead…

Steve Jobs Quotes on Business n Innovation - Steve Jobs Wisdom Quotes

Steve Jobs Quotes on Business n Innovation

#Business Get closer than Ever to your Customer. So close that You tell them What they need well before They realize it Themselves. Great things in Business are Never done by One person, They are done by a Team of People. Quality is more important than Quantity. One home run is much better than Two…

Best Rumi Quotes - Motivational Quotes about Facing Difficulties in Life

Motivational Quotes by Rumi

#Hardships The Moment you Accept what Troubles you’ve been Given, the Door with Open. If in the Darkness of Ignorance, you don’t Recognize a Person’s True nature, Look to See.. Whom he has Chosen for his Leader. Don’t be Sad Because God sends Hope in the most Desperate Moments. Don’t forget, the Heaviest Rain comes…

35 Rumi Quotes on Life - Inspiring Quotes on Different Aspects of Life

35 Rumi Quotes on Life

Rumi was an Enigmatic Persian poet during the 13th Century. He was also a Mystic and considered the most Celebrated Sufi teacher of all Time.   Each Moment contains a Hundred Messages from God. Wear Gratitude like a Cloak and it will Feed every corner of your Life. Gratitude is the Wine for the Soul….

Sufi Wisdom Quotes - Rumi Motivational Quotes for Hard Times in Life

25 Rumi Quotes – Positive Thinking

Rumi, the Greatest Sufi Mystic and Poet in the Persian language, is famous for his Lyrical Poetry and his epic Masnavi.   # Difficult Times These Pains you Feel are Messengers. Listen to Them. What Hurts you, Blesses you. Darkness is your Candle. In the Blackest of your Moments, Wait with No Fear. When the…

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