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Kids Moral Stories - Ant and Dove short Story

Ant and Dove/ Hare and Tortoise – Kids Moral Stories

Story 1: Ant and Dove..! One day, an ant was searching for some water. After walking for a while, she reached a spring. Ant in try to drink water from spring, she climbed up a blade of grass and slipped, fell into water. As soon as ant fell into water, a dove who was sitting…

Swami Vivekananda Motivational Stories - Face Your Problem Short Story

Motivational Stories from Vivekananda..!!

Story 1: Face your Fear..!! One day, Swami Vivekananda was returning from temple of Ma Durga. Path was very narrow as on one side it was covered by large water tank and on other side there was a high wall. On the path Swami Vivekananda saw a number of monkeys and those monkeys were not…

Stories on Honesty and Truthfulness - Prince and Young Girl Best Stories

Young Girl Love for Prince.! Honesty Story

In ancient china, It was tradition that if prince has to be married before he can become crowned emperor. There was a prince who was about to be crowned. So he needed to find a young woman whom he could trust and get married to. Once there was a  who had to be crowned in…

Moral Stories on Self Sacrifice - Best Story to Understand Winning Losing

Can Win but Still Lose.. Why?

Once a young man came to Abbot of monastery and said, “I really want to become a monk but i haven’t learned anything of importance in my life. Only thing i know is how to play chess because that’s what i have been learning from my father from young age but I want to get…

Verbal Abuse Stories - Peaceful Warrior Moral Ignoring Provocation Story

Peaceful Warrior Secret to Win..

Once lived a great warrior who was quiet old but still was able to defeat any challenger. He was famous throughout the island and had many students gathered to study under him. One day a young warrior arrived at village was determined to be the first one to defeat great warrior. He had great strength…

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