Pigeons Trapped in Net – Unity is Strength

Pigeons Trapped in Net - Unity is Strength Moral Story for Kids

Long ago, there lived a flock of pigeon in dense forest. Among them was a wise old pigeon. Every pigeon in flock respected wise old pigeon. During daytime, pigeons used to fly all over the jungle, in search of food and water and before night fall, they used to come back to their nest. One … Read more

Unity is Strength – Brothers Story

Unity is Strength Short Story - Bundle of Sticks Short Moral Stories for Kids in Eng

Once in a village an old man used to live with his four Son. Four brother always used to quarrel among themselves. Seeing this their father felt very sad and wanted to end their dispute. Father trying to talk to them but still he failed to heal their disputes. At last he thought of an … Read more

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