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Sewing Needle - Saint Gift to Rich Man Story

Sewing Needle – Saint Gift to Rich Man Story

Once a Saint visited a village. Richest man of that village came to pay obeisance at his feet. Rich man was very proud of his wealth. When rich man meet Saint, he said, “I would like to do some service for you. I have loads of money. I will fulfill whatever you ask.” Saint took…

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Sacred Wooden Beads..!

Once there was huge temple built in center of lake. There lived great master and 20 of his disciples who would learn Buddhism teaching’s. There was a precious string of wooden beads which was sacred and was enshrined in temple. As temple was in middle of lake it was connected to rest of world with…

Parrot Moral Stories - Smart Parrot and Sage Wisdom Story for Learning

Sage Hint for Parrot.!

In town lived a man who had a parrot which used to live in a cage. Once in town visited a Sage who used to do Satsang. Man used to go to Satsang everyday. One day his parrot asked him, “Where do you go daily??” He replied, “I go to Satsang to learn good things.”…

Truth Seeking Short Stories - Revelation of Truth Moral Stories Life Lesson

Sage and Sitar Story – Seeking Truth.!

Once a person wanted to seek for the truth of life. So in search of truth he went from place to place. At one place someone advised him to go a cave and look there. Man went to the cave where he met a sage. Sage told him about a village and said, “On crossroad…

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