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Reason to Stay Calm - Story for Mother/Wife

Reason to Stay Calm!!

Husband said to his wife – I am going out with my friends. She replied – Ok. After a while, son said – Mother, i got my results for mock exams and it’s not good. Son expected to get a scolding from his mother but to his surprise, his mother calmly said – Ok. If…

Three Toys and Their Value - King and Toy Seller Story

Three Toys and Their Value – King n Toy Seller Story

A man who used to travel and sell toys. One day he arrived at a kingdom where he came to know that King of that Kingdom like to see new toys. He went to King’s palace where court was being held. Toy seller said, “Today i will show you toys which you had never seen…

King and Nobleman Story - Value of Flesh

King and Nobleman Story – Value of Flesh

Once there was food shortage in kingdom. So, King called all his ministers and nobleman from countries for meeting. In meeting he asked, “What is the cheapest food item?” Ministers and other members said that rice, wheat etc are available after a lot of labor and that too when there is no wrath of nature,…

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