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Fire or Wind Wrapped in Paper - Tricky Gifts Story Japanese Folktales

Fire or Wind Wrapped in Paper..! – Tricky Gifts Story

Once in a Japanese village, lived an old man with his two sons. Old man always wanted to have daughters. He waited eagerly for his sons to grow up so that he can get them married. At last, both his son got married. Old man was affectionate towards both his daughter-in-laws and girls loved and…

Wife's Smart Solution to Problem - Funny Interesting Story

Wife’s Smart Solution to Problem – Funny Interesting Story

Once in a village lived a kind-hearted man Shyam with his wife Madhu. Although poor, he was generous man. Everyday he would bring guest home, for lunch. Often, couple would go hungry after serving guests. Madhu tried to tell her husband that it was difficult to feed guests, when they were themselves are struggling to…

Raman's Challenge to Wrestler - Witty and Funny Short Folktales from Ancient India

Raman’s Challenge to Wrestler..!

Once Raja Krishndeva, got angry with Tenali Raman and ordered him not to show his face. One day, while walking, Raman saw that a tall, fat man being carried by four man. Procession was heading to palace. It was Procession of a Wrestler from north who went to palace and called on King, “I am…

Old Blind Woman and Her Wish - Interesting Story

Old Woman and Her Wish..!

Once in a village, lived a blind old woman with her son and daughter-in-law. They were very poor. Old woman used to pray to Lord Shiva everyday. Because of her prayers and devotion, one day, Lord Shiva appear before her and said, “I am moved by your devotion. I will grant you one wish. So…

Superstition Story - Wise King Clever Thinking to Stop Animal Sacrifice

Stop Animal Sacrifice – Superstition Story

Once upon a time, Prince born to King was quite intelligent and had completed his entire study by age to sixteen. At this early age his father made him second in command. In those days, most people were superstitious and they would pray to gods and ask special favors. They would make promise to God…

Clever Painter Story - Kings Portrait Creative Thinking Inspirational Stories

Clever Painter – King’s Portrait..!!

Once lived a brave king who had fought many battles and won but unfortunately in his last battle he was badly wounded. King was saved but in that battle he lost his one eye and a leg. One day while King was seeing some of painting of previous King’s of that kingdom. He realized that…

Birbal Stories - Stories of Birbal Wisdom Fun to Read Short Moral Stories

Akbar’s Order..!! Stories of Birbal Wisdom

Once Akbar got angry with Birbal and asked him to leave the palace and never come back to his palace. Birbal accepted Akbar’s command and resigned from his post as Akbar’s minister and left palace. After leaving Birbal went to a far away village and started to work there under a farmer with different identity….

Nasruddin Hoja Stories - Funny and Witty Solution for Problems Stories

Nasruddin Hoja Advice

Once a neighbor came to Nasruddin with his problem and lamented, “I m really troubled. I have a small house and its getting difficult to fit my family consisting of my wife, three kids and mother with me in that small house. You are wise man. Do you have any advice for me??” Nasrudin replied,…

Thinking Out of the Box Short Stories - Best Funny Engineering Short Story

Thinking Out of Box – Toothpaste Factory Problem

Once a toothpaste factory had a problem with its packaging and because of packaging problem some empty boxes were shipped without tube inside. Production line designing engineers knew it was quiet difficult to have exact precision of packing tube into pack with perfection every time. They also knew it was very necessary to sort out…