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Horse Race Challenge to Raman - Secret to Success

Horse Race Challenge to Raman – Secret to Success

Once an Arab who used to sell horse came to Vijayanagar from Persia with ship of horses. Many people in King’s court used to buy horses from Arabia. One day, Raman said that horses of Vijayanagar were better than horses from Arabia. Listening to this, ministers in court, who bought horses from Arab, challenged Raman…

Raman's Challenge to Wrestler - Witty and Funny Short Folktales from Ancient India

Raman’s Challenge to Wrestler..!

Once Raja Krishndeva, got angry with Tenali Raman and ordered him not to show his face. One day, while walking, Raman saw that a tall, fat man being carried by four man. Procession was heading to palace. It was Procession of a Wrestler from north who went to palace and called on King, “I am…

What No Other Cat Could Do - Cat's Competition

What No Other Cat Could Do – Cat’s Competition

Once in court of King Krishnadevraya, intelligence of animals were being discussed. One minister said, “Cats are most intelligent.” Other agreed and all started to describe how clever their own cats were. Each claimed that their own cat was smartest. King decided to hold competition for cats and announced, “Cat that does something which no…

Tenali Raman Challenge to Weight Lifter - Witty and Clever Thinking

Tenali Raman Challenge to Weight Lifter

Once Tenali Raman and his wife were on their way to Capital of Vijaya nagar. On way, they were passing by a village at foot of a hill. There they saw that villagers had gathered on front of village temple. They became curious and pushed through crowd to see what’s happening. They saw that a…

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