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Three Brothers and Scholar Help Story - Way to Progress

Three Brothers and Scholar Story – Way to Progress

Once a scholar was passing through a village where his childhood friend used to live. He decided to visit his friend’s house. When he arrived at his friend’s house, he saw that his friend was living in poverty, along with his two brothers. Scholar met his friend and after a talking for a while. He…

Spider Story in English - Stuck in Life Learning Stories with Best Moral

Stuck in Life? Spider Story

Once upon a time, there was a spider who used to live in basements of museum. Spider’s web was spin alongside paintings that were in basement for years. Spider’s web was artistic and had made most beautiful web in whole museum. It was really spectacular and spider took all effort into looking after his web….

Father Son Story with Moral - Short Moral Stories about Problems in Life

Father Son Story – Large Stone!

Once a father and son were working in garden. Child wanted to get appreciated by his father so he was trying his best to help his father by performing minor works as directed by his father. Father and his son were working on different sides of garden. Father saw a stone on his son side….

Moral Stories on Never Lose Hope - Short Stories abt Destiny n Hardwork

Never Lose Hope..!!

Once a middle aged man lost his job and was looking for a job to support his living. In newspaper he found that a job of “Office Boy” is available. He needed a job badly so he applied for post of “office boy” at a very big firm. Next day he was called for interview….

Moral Stories About Life - Moving on in Life Encouraging Motivational Story

Kid Problem Parents Solution – Moral Story

Once a little boy slowly walked in to his mother’s room. His mother was sitting at her desk writing. Mother took a glance at him and saw that he was carrying a vase that was given to her by grandmother. Seeing that vase in that little boy’s hand and mother got worried and said, “Baby,…

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