King and Sage Story – How to Handle Burden of Work?

King and Sage Story - How to Handle Burden of Work

Long ago, a Kingdom was full of happiness and prosperity under it’s King rule. People were living happily under his rule. One year, severe famine happened in that state. Crops dried up due to lack of water and in such situation, farmer were not able to pay revenue to King. Due to lack of revenue, … Read more

Secret of Tree – Thieves and Manager Story

Secret of Tree - Thieves and Manager Story

A person used to work as sales manager in a multinational company. With his savings, he built a luxurious house outside the city. Being out of town, area was somewhat deserted. Man started living in his new house with his wife and children. He would leave early in morning and return late in evening. Seeing … Read more

Man’s Anxiety on Ship – Facing Fear

Story about Facing Fears - Man's Anxiety Solution Short Moral Story

Once Sultan of Dubai decided to travel by Sea with some of his favorite courtiers. All joined on decided day and sailed out into open sea. However, as ship moved away from land, one of his courtier, who had never seen been on sea before began to overcome with panic. Sitting on ship deck, he … Read more

Farmer Missing Watch Story – Sound of Silence.!

Farmer Moral Stories - Missing Watch Short Story with Life Lesson Silence

Once there was a farmer who lost his watch in barn. For farmer that lost watch had very deep sentimental value. So, he searched all over to find watch. Even after searching all, among hay and corners of barn for long he couldn’t find the watch. At last he gave up and asked the help … Read more

Glass of Water Stress Story

Glass of Water Stress Story - Stress Management Stories

While psychologist was teaching stress management to the class. He raised a glass of water. Seeing this everyone expected that he is going to ask, “Half Empty Hal Full..!!” But instead he asked, “How Heavy is this Glass of Water?” Many called out the answer that it ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz. Now … Read more

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