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King and His Sons Story - Best Moral Story about Wisely Thinking for Kids

King and His Sons – Three Empty Rooms Story

Once there was king who had three sons. King was getting old and he knew that time has come when he should decide which son will succeed his throne after him. He wanted to give his throne to his son who can handle his kingdom wisely. King called his three son and said, “I will…

Inspirational Stories for Parents - Best Stories on Power of Words for Kids

Results of Positive Vs Negative Words..!!

Once an eight year old boy Tom was playing in park, climbing tree and hanging around. While playing he got on top of 30 feet high tree, hanging on one of its branch and swinging back and forth. Boy was having fun and didn’t realize that branch could break. His cousin Jim, who was just…

Short Story About Making Mistakes - Pointing Others Mistake Moral Stories

Pointing Others Mistake.! Master Disciple Story

Once a Master was sitting with his four Disciples and was them teaching a lesson. After he completed that lesson he said to his disciples, “All four of you should learn this lesson yourself and remember that no one should speak until come back. I will come back after an hour and then we will…

Accepting Help Short Stories - Trusting God Moral Stories Deep Meaning

Religious Man Stuck in Flood..!

Once a small town was devastated by disastrous flood and it torn downed the whole village and many people died. People who climbed roof of their houses and survived were waiting for help to come. Some locals who had small boats started to help people to move to dry areas. There was one religious man…

Short Stories on Policy Change - Moral Story about Problem and Solution

Transportation – Short Story on Policy Change..!!

Once an old brewery decided to install a new line for canning so that it enables products to be marketed to the supermarket sector. It was major change for a little company so it invited all local dignitaries and employees to witness this big change. All came on the day of inauguration of new canning…

Goat and Horse Story - Living Without Recognition Story

Goat and Horse Story..!!

Once there was a farmer who had a goat and a horse. One day horse become ill so farmer called veterinarian. Vet said, “Your horse has a virus. He must take medicine for three days. I will come back and give him medicines for three days And on third day if he is still not…

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