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King and Beggar Story about Giving

King and Beggar Story about Giving

A beggar woke up early to go out to beg. Before going out, he put a hand full of barley in his bag because of superstition that beggar should not keep their bags empty while going out to beg. Beggar got out of his hut thinking that, with God grace, today his bag will be…

King Order and Minister Advice - It's Way We Think

King Order and Minister Advice – It’s Way We Think

Once in a kingdom, a person became famous for his face being very wretched (ill omen/ unlucky for people around them). People complained about him to their King. King didn’t believed it, so he decided to check it for himself. One day, King called that person in his palace and gave him a place to…

Tree Refusal to Bird's Request! Story about Rejection

Tree Refusal to Bird’s Request! Story about Rejection

Rainy days were about to come. A pair of birds was looking for a tree to build a nest. While flying they saw trees at bank of a river. There they found one tree suited to build nest for themselves. Birds went to tree and requested, “We need to build our nest before rainy season…

Know Yourself Before Searching for God

Know Yourself Before Searching for God

A monk had returned to India after traveling all over the world. After reaching a kingdom, he started staying as a guest at King’s palace. One day King went to Monk and said, “I have a request.. I have been asking this for one question for twenty years but nobody helped. Will you?” Monk replied,…

Want to be Rich - Poor Man Request to Guru

Want to be Rich – Poor Man Request to Guru

Once there was a poor man. He used to go his Guru’s ashram everyday and used to serve his Guru by doing cleaning work at ashram. After that man would go to his work. One day, Guru asked him, “Why do you come to ashram everyday?” Poor man replied, “If you bless me then a…

The Pig n Sheep Story! Comparing Situations

The Pig and Sheep Story! Comparing Situations

One day, shepherd found a fat pig in the meadow where his sheep were grazing. Shepherd silently followed that pig and caught it. As soon as shepherd caught pig, it started screaming, squealing loudly and tried to free himself from shepherd’s grip but in-spite of all the struggle, pig couldn’t escape. In end, shepherd tied…

Little Boy Go to Forest to Pray - Why?

Little Boy Go to Forest to Pray – Why?

Everyday, after school, Rabbi’s son would enter his house and keep his school bag on table and leave the house through back door. At first, Rabbi didn’t gave it much thought. But when it continued for weeks, Rabbi got concerned. Everyday, his son would leave from back door and would return back after an hour….

Young Man Wish to Meet King!

Young Man Wish to Meet King – Deep Meaning

Once son of a poor widow, saw King. Seeing the King, he asked his mother, “Mother will i ever be able to talk to King?” Mother didn’t say anything. One day, boy came to know that a saint had come to their village. So young man went to saint and told him about his wish…

Wise Old Man and Broken Vase Story

Wise Old Man and Broken Vase Story

Once there used to be a king, who was considered eccentric by all because he used to give death penalty to anyone even on smallest mistakes. In the palace of the King, 20 vases were decorated very beautifully and King loved to show this collection to his guests. One day while cleaning, a vase fell…

Monk Offer to Sailor! Story to Make You Think

Monk Offer to Sailor! Story to Make You Think

Everyday a sailor used to take a monk from one side of river to another side. He would not take anything in return. Sailor was not well educated but there was no lack of understanding. On way, monk used to talk about his knowledge with sailor, sometimes telling him about omnipresence of God, sometimes he…

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