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Young King and his Three Wishes Story - Thinking Wisely

Young King and his Three Wishes Story

Once upon a time, a Prince inherited his father’s kingdom but the kingdom which inherited was not a prospering one. Now, It was up to him to govern his fading realm. Young King Scoured the land to seek guidance. He visited many places looking for sages or wise people who could help him to improve…

Greedy Stories in English - Being Content is Key to Happiness Moral Story

Greed Stories – Magic Crystal Ball..!!

Once in a village, an old man was walking back from his work. On his way back he saw something shiny behind a tree. When got near tree and check that, he found a crystal ball. As soon as he picked up that ball, a voice came from it which said, “I am a magic…

Stone Cutter Wish Story - Stories about Wish to be Most Powerful

Want to be Most Powerful!!

Once there was a stone cutter who was always dis satisfied with himself and his life. One day he was passing¬† by a rich merchant house and when he saw important visitors there he thought to himself, “How powerful that merchant is!!” He got envious and in thought wished that if he could be like…

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