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Four Letters of Warning by God of Death!!

Four Letters of Warning by God of Death!!

Once lived a man who was very afraid of death. All the time, he use to think, “I could die at any moment. What should i do? How can i avoid that?” So, he prayed and made friends with God of death. One day while talking, he said to God of Death, “You do not…

Seth Answer to Mahatma's Question (Must Read)

Seth Answer to Mahatma’s Question (Must Read)

Once in a city lived a Seth (Rich man) who was pious. Whenever any Mahatma or Sadhu visited his city, he would invite them to his house and serve them. One day, a Mahatma came to Seth’s house. Seth and Sethani (Rich man wife) welcomed Mahatma and served him food. After some time, Seth went…

Nails Pricking and Dog Crying - Deep Meaning

Nails Pricking and Dog Crying – Deep Meaning

A young man shifted to his new house. He really liked his new house and its atmosphere. But still there was one thing which was bothering him. Ever since he had come, sound of a dog crying, had been troubling him continuously. Young man thought that dog cry would stop after a while but this…

Five Monks Journey - Distractions and Destination

Five Monks Journey – Distractions and Destination

Once a lama who was working in a faraway valley, wrote a letter to chief of monastery. In letter he said, “Send one more lama, we need him here.” Chief called all his disciples and read that letter in front of them. Then he said, “I would like to send five of you.” One lama…

King Order to Three Minister Story - Always Do Good Moral Story

King Order to Three Minister Story

Once a King called his three ministers and gave a bag to each of them and said, “Go to forest and fill up the bag with fruits and bring it back another day.” First minister was honest and hardworking. He thought that it was King’s order so he did his best and filled bag by…

Control Desires Moral Story

Once a sage was passing through market place. On his way he saw a man selling dates (Khajur). Seeing him, Sage thought for a while about eating those dates but then he controlled his desire and left but later at night he was not able to sleep at all. Next morning, he went to a…

Sharing with Others - Sharing Goodness and Happiness with Others Moral

Share with Others – Wise Man Orchard.!

Once a wise man bought a very big and beautiful house. This house had a huge orchard in front and it filled with trees bearing lots of fruits. Wise man was good by nature and greeted everyone with love and respect. Everyone in his neighbor liked him except one of his neighbor. This neighbor was…

Short Story on Faithful Dog - Heart Touching Stories abt Dogs Faithfulness

Anger Story – Faithful Dog

Jimmy lived in city with his family but he loved nature so for his son’s birthday he decided to go to forest for celebration with family and friends and enjoy some time with mother nature. Jimmy booked a cottage which was near forest. There was arrangements for guests to enjoy nature and enjoy view of…

King Alexander The Great Last Words - Ultimate Truth of Life Moral Story

Alexander the Great Last Wishes..!!

After conquering many kingdoms, when Alexander was returning home, on way back to his country he fell ill and his disease took him to his death bed. While on death bed he longed to be able to meet his mother before he die. But he knew that his illness will not give him enough time…

Stories to Make You Think about Life - Deep Meaning Moral Stories for Adults

King’s and his Four Wives..!!

Once there was a King who had 4 wives. He loved all of his wives but King used to love his 4th wife most and always used to adorned her with finest delicacies. He provided her with best things. His 3rd wife was really beautiful and he loved to show her off to neighboring kingdom….

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