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Swami Vivekananda Story - Real Life Incident Short Inspirational Stories

Swami Vivekananda – Sadhu Arrogance

It had happened after Swami Vivekananda ji had returned after his great address at world parliament of religion and everyone in country knew about him. Vivekananda was wandering near Himalayas and came across a river. There he saw that boat had already left the bank. So he sat by shore to wait for boat to…

How Many Friends Do You Need to be Happy - Friendship Day Special Story

How Many Friends Do You Need to be Happy??

Once a student came to his Master and asked him, “Master, How many friend does a person need – Just one or Many?” Master replied, “It’s simple.. You will know for yourself.” Then master took him to the orchard and then pointing to an apple tree said, “First bring me an apple from the highest…

Arrogant King Story - Wise Sage Reply Stories with Moral Lesson English

Arrogant King and Wise Sage Story

Once there was a kingdom which was ruled by a tyrant king. He was so arrogant that he couldn’t stand praise of anyone else except for himself. One time in his kingdom came a Sage. Sage admiration was spread through kingdom with in few days. He was kind and wise. He helped people by giving…

Spending Money Stories - Akbar Birbal Short Moral Stories for Learning

Akbar Test – Spending Money..!!

During the reign of Akbar, Birbal’s wisdom was known to all. Many ministers in Akbar’s court were jealous of him and one of them was Akbar’s brother-in-law. He request Akbar to remove Birbal from his ministry and appoint him in his place. Birbal got to know about it. Before Akbar could decide, Birbal resigned from…

Power of Wisdom Stories - Best King and Sage Fortune Telling Short Story

Power of Wisdom – King and Sage Story

Once there was very famous sage and used to live outside of Ramnagar of Manipur Kingdom. He was known for his fortune telling and everyone in kingdom knew about him and accuracy of his fortune telling skill. Maniraj was King of that Kingdom and heard words about saint and his skill. King wanted to greet…

Smart Work Short Stories - Hard Work vs Smart Work Winning Short Story

Smart Work – Lumberjack Competition

In a town, every year an annual lumberjack competition was held. The rule for the competition was simple, who ever cut the most tree at the day end would be the winner. This year there were only two people in the final. One was old and experienced lumberjack while another was younger and stronger lumberjack….

Moral Stories About Life - Moving on in Life Encouraging Motivational Story

Kid Problem Parents Solution – Moral Story

Once a little boy slowly walked in to his mother’s room. His mother was sitting at her desk writing. Mother took a glance at him and saw that he was carrying a vase that was given to her by grandmother. Seeing that vase in that little boy’s hand and mother got worried and said, “Baby,…

Carpenter Short Story - Best Moral Short Stories about Working and Life

Retiring Carpenter Story..! Surprises in Life

Once there was a carpenter who was really good at his job. He used to work very hard and build beautiful house. With time he grown old and felt that his body was not that strong as it used to be. Also he earned enough money to live a peaceful and leisure life with his…

God is Everywhere Story - Akbar Birbal Stories in English fr Enlightenment

God is Everywhere..!

Once Akbar said to his wise minister Birbal, “You often say that God is everywhere…!!” So, Akbar took one of his ring out of his finger and said, “Tell me.. Is your God is in this ring??” Birbal replied, “Yes, Sure.. He certainly is.. God is everywhere.” “Can me make me see him??” questioned Akbar….

Imitation Short Stories - Stories about Changing Appearance vs Inner self

Changing Appearance vs Inner Self..!!

A young disciple wanted to learn Wisdom so he went to Zen master and requested him to accept him as his disciple. Master accepted him. Young disciple used to admire his master a lot. So he decided to observe his behavior minutely and believed that if he did everything the way his teacher did then…

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