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Old Thief Story - Self Awareness Lesson Taught to Young Man Short Story

Old Thief Lesson to Young Man.!

Once a man was known as master thief in kingdom. He was well known and famous all over kingdom. He was so much expert that nobody had ever been able to catch him. He would always leave marks so that people would know that he had stolen from there. He had stolen even from King’s…

Zen Stories on Self Awareness - Zen Monk Bokuju Story abt Being Alert

Short Zen Stories on Self Awareness

Story 1: Anxiety Solution – Zen Master Bokuju Once lived a Zen master Bokuju. He used to live inside cave alone most of time. He would sometimes loudly say, “Bokuju” his own name and the himself would say, “Yes, I am here.” He would this anytime, day or night. There were some disciples who used…