Saint and Thief Story – Power of Satsang (Must Read)

Saint and Thief Story - Power of Satsang (Must Read)

Once in a village lived two boys who were childhood friends. As time passed, one of them moved out of village and grew up to become a saint while other friend became thief, started earning his living by stealing here and there. One day, Saint came to his town. A discourse was organized for villagers. … Read more

Meaning of King’s Dream – Choose Your Words Wisely

Meaning of King Dream - Choose Words Wisely

Once a King saw in a dream that all his teeth were broken, only a big front tooth was left in his mouth. King got greatly disturbed by such dream. In morning, King narrated his dream to his minister and wanted to know its meaning. Ministers advised that dream experts should be called and ask … Read more

Power of Words..!!

Akbar Birbal Stories - Choose Your Words Wisely Moral Stories for Adults in English

One night, Akbar had a dream that he had lost all his teeth except one. Akbar got greatly disturbed by that strange dream. Next morning he called his astrologer and asked him about meaning of his dream. Astrologer replied, “My Lord, This dream was an indication that all his relatives would die one by one … Read more

Results of Positive Vs Negative Words..!!

Inspirational Stories for Parents - Best Stories on Power of Words for Kids

Once an eight year old boy Tom was playing in park, climbing tree and hanging around. While playing he got on top of 30 feet high tree, hanging on one of its branch and swinging back and forth. Boy was having fun and didn’t realize that branch could break. His cousin Jim, who was just … Read more

Power of Words – Frogs in Pit..!

Stories on Power of Words - Inspirational Stories to Encourage Others

Once a group of frogs was traveling through woods and two of them fell into a deep pit. All other frogs gathered around and when they saw that the pit was too deep. they told those two frogs that they were as good as dead because they couldn’t get their way out of that deep … Read more

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