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Monkey and Bell - Story about Rumor

Monkey and Bell – Story about Rumor

A village was situated on the edge of the forest which was prosperous and people of the village were leading a peaceful life. The villagers had built a temple in the middle of the village, where they used to worship everyday. There was a big bell at the entrance of the temple. One night, a…

Missing Goat Number 3 - You Looking for it too?

Missing Goat Number 3 – You Looking for it too?

In class 5, there were two very mischievous children Ravi and Laksh who used to go to school together. One day, Ravi said to Laksh, “Bro, i have an idea.. so that we don’t have to attend classes tomorrow.” Laksh asked curiously, “Tell me.. What’s the idea?” Ravi pointed toward a direction and said, “Look…

King Question and Kid Reply - Story with Twist

King Question and Kid Reply – Story with Twist

Once in a Kingdom, there was Priest who was famous for his intelligence and wisdom. One day, King invited Priest to his court. When Priest reached King’s court, they had deep discussions on many subject. When he was about to leave, King said, “Pandit ji, If you allow i want to ask you one thing.”…

Shop Owner and Farmer Short Moral Storiy for Kids

Price of Sweet Scent – Shop Owner and Farmer Story

Once there was a farmer who was returning home, after working in his fields. On his way there was sweet shop. Farmer was tired and hungry. When he walked by sweet shop, he couldn’t resist sweet aroma coming from sweets shop. He wanted to buy sweets but he didn’t had enough money to buy sweets….

Tenali Raman Challenge to Weight Lifter - Witty and Clever Thinking

Tenali Raman Challenge to Weight Lifter

Once Tenali Raman and his wife were on their way to Capital of Vijaya nagar. On way, they were passing by a village at foot of a hill. There they saw that villagers had gathered on front of village temple. They became curious and pushed through crowd to see what’s happening. They saw that a…

King Demand and Clever Story Teller - Witty and Clever Thinking

King Demand’s and Clever Story Teller..!

Once upon a time, there was a King who was fond of stories. Many story tellers used to come to his court and tell him many stories. He would reward them with gold and gifts. One day, King asked his minister that next story teller must tell him a long story – a never ending…

Thief and Inspector Thinking - Learning From Experience

Clever Inspector and Thief Story

In ancient times, there was a school to train local police. Students from many kingdoms came there to study. There Guru Dandapani would say, “It’s important to understand mindset of thief if you want to catch him. Once you understand how a thief thinks, it becomes easier to catch him. So, in order to catch…

Crow and Cobra Story - Clever Thinking Panchtantra Moral Story

Crow and Cobra Story – Clever Thinking

Once there was a big banyan tree on a river bank. A couple of crow lived on one of the branch of that tree. They built a nest there. One day, crow laid eggs and was eagerly waiting for young ones to come out of eggs. There in cavity of tree, lived a cobra. When…

Rich Man and Clever Peasant Story - Folktales Short Stories

Rich Man and Clever Peasant Story

Once upon a time, lived a very Rich man who was arrogant and greedy. He owned fields, farms and meadows. Hundred of workers worked for him and were dependent on him for living. Rich man was so arrogant man that he felt disgust with peasants and other people who worked for him because of their…

Clever Camel and Fox Story - Fox Trickery Story with Advice for Kids

Clever Camel and Fox Story

Once a fox used to live near a garden, from there he would eat his fill and return. One day, gardener found out about him and patched the hole from which fox used to come inside garden. Fox was not able to find any way to get back into garden and grew hungrier, with each…

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