Grace of Shri Krishna for Devotees – Deep Meaning

Grace of Shri Krishna for Devotees - Deep Meaning

Once Shri Krishna and Narad muni disguised as Sage came to earth and started knocking on door of a Seth (Rich man) to beg for alms. Seth came out and saw two Sages standing there. Shri Krishna disguised as Sage said, “Please give us some food.” Seth replied angrily, “Aren’t both of you ashamed! Do … Read more

Arjuna vs Karna Skills – Lord Krishna Praise

While Battle of Kurushetra was at it’s peak. Arjuna and Karna were fighting each other. A flurry of arrows were being exchanged and even Gods were witnessing it. During epic battle between two warriors. Arjuna would shoot his arrow and impact of these arrows were so much that Karna’s chariot would go back by 25-30 … Read more

Krishna Sudama – True Friendship Story

Krishna Sudama Story - True Friendship Story with Moral in English

Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. They meet at ashram of Guru Sandipani for first time. There they became close friends and after few years, both completed their studies and went apart. After leaving, Krishna became King of Dwarka and married to Rukmani. Where as Sudama led a life of poverty and married a poor … Read more

Krishna and Sudama Friendship Story

Krishna Sudama Story in English - True Friendship Moral Stories for Kids

Lord Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. While Krishna thrived and prospered, Sudama didn’t. He lead a life of poor Brahman, living in small hut with his wife and kids. Most day, kids wouldn’t even get to eat from what Sudama got as alms. So, one day his wife suggested that he should go to … Read more

Karna Krishna Conversation – Right or Wrong

Karna Krishna Stories - Choosing Right vs Wrong Mahabharta Stories in English

Once Karna met Shri Krishna and said, “My mother left me moment i was born, was it my fault that i was born a illegitimate child? I didn’t got education from Dhronacharya just because i was considered a non- kshatriya and then when i was able to learn from Lord Parshurama, he gave me curse … Read more

Danveer Karna Story

Danveer Karna Stories in English - Krishna and Karna Mythological Story with Moral

One day while Shri Krishna and Arjuna were out for stroll, Arjuna said, “If you permit.. Can i ask you something??” Krishna smiled and replied, “Sure, you can ask me anything without any hesitation..” Arjuna said, “I don’t understand why Karna is considered as most generous person of all.. ” Krishna smiled and replied, “Sure, … Read more

Krishna Bhakt Surdas Story

Surdas Story - Power of Chanting God's Name Stories Lord Krishna Bhakt

During Akbar’s reign, a great saint was born. His name was Surdas. He was born blind and because of that he was neglected by everyone during his childhood. One day while Surdas was sitting in front porch of his house, a group of singer passed by his house singing praise of Lord Krishna. Surdas was … Read more

Bamboo Plant and Flute – Krishna Story

Krishna Short Stories in English - Best Story About Complete Surrender to Krishna

Everyday Krishna would go to garden to show his love to plants.. And plants would respond with same love. One day Krishna quickly ran into through garden and went to bamboo plant. Seeing Krishna in panic bamboo plant asked, “What’s wrong Krishna?” Krishna replied, “I have something to ask you.. It’s very difficult to ask..” … Read more

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