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Arrogant Elephant and Ant Revenge Story

Arrogant Elephant and Ant Revenge Story

An elephant lived in a forest who was very proud of his strength. He would destroy nest of birds or uproot the entire tree. Sometimes he used to pick monkeys and thrash them and sometimes would trample rabbits under his feet. All animals were upset with him but could not do anything in front of…

Four Women and Their Son Qualities..!

Four Women and Their Son Qualities..!

Four women came to fill water at the well of village. While they were filling water, they started talking to each other. While talking, they started extolling the qualities of their son. First woman said, “My son plays flute. He plays so well that whoever hears his flute, becomes mesmerized. I am very happy to…

Know Your Value - Father's Gift to Son

Know Your Value – Father’s Gift to Son

Giving a car key to his son, father said, “Son, you have completed you graduation with very good marks. Here is my gift for your graduation. Your grandfather gave me this car as my graduation gift. Now i want you to keep it.” Son said, “But.. it’s old…” Father said to his son, “Son, i…

Shepherd Boy and Wolf Story! Aesop's Fable

Shepherd Boy and Wolf Story!

Once in village lived a shepherd boy. He used to take his sheep to meadow located near forest for grazing. He would leave his sheep to graze and himself would sit under a tree and watch them. This was his daily routine. He used to get bored sitting there and wanted some adventure in his…

Little Girl Donation to Saint - Story about Giving

Little Girl Donation to Saint – Story about Giving

Once a saint was going home to home asking for alms. He knocked on a door and called out, “Bhiksham Dehi (Give me alms).” A little girl came out of house and sadly said, “Baba, we are poor, we have nothing to give you.” Saint smiled and said, “Do not refuse daughter. If you don’t…

Who is Most Powerful Person - Father Question

Who is Most Powerful Person? Father Question

Once in a city, lived a poor tailor in a small house with his only son. He had a dream that his son should study well and get a good job. So, he decided to get his son best education, no matter what their current situation is. Father worked day and night to earn money…

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