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Virtuous Man and Sage Story - Ways to Help Others

Virtuous Man and Sage Story – Way to Help Others

Once upon a time, a very virtuous person along with his family went for a pilgrimage. After going several miles, whole family started feeling thirsty. Water that man was carrying with him had run out. It was month of June and there was no water to be seen anywhere and his child started getting dehydrated….

King's and Sadhu Story - Search for Happiest Person

King and Sadhu Story – Search for Happiest Person.!

Once upon a time, There was a King who was very Kind and generous. King had everything and people in his Kingdom were happy but still King would feel unhappy and sad every time. His ministers always tried on or other ways to make King happy but none of them succeeded. King didn’t understand what…

Poor Farmer Loss - Never too Late to Start Motivational Story

Poor Farmer Loss – Never too Late to Start

Once upon a time, a King went for hunting but it got late. While returning back, because of dark he was unable to find his way. He forgot his way and at last he found a small hut. King went and knocked on door and asked for shelter. That hut belonged to a poor farmer….

Hunter and Sage Story - Aways Speak Truth Life Lesson

Hunter and Sage Story

Once upon a time, a sage was living in forest. He was famous for strictly following his policy of always speaking truth. One day, Sage was teaching his disciples about importance of truth. He said, “We should always tell truth, no matter how difficult situation is.” Suddenly a deer came running towards him. Deer bowed…

King and Sadhu Solution for Lazy Prince Story - Health is Wealth

Lazy Prince Story – Health is Wealth

Once upon a time, there was King who was very wise and kind. He had son who was very lazy and didn’t like to do anything. Even for little things Prince would wait for his attendants to serve him every moment. All day, he would lie on his bed and because of his laziness, he…

Story of Burning Desire - Socrates Secret to Success Motivational Story

Burning Desire – Socrates Secret to Success

Story 1: Socrates – Secret to Success Once a young man asked Socrates about secret to success. Socrates ask young man to meet him near river next morning. Young man came near river next morning. Socrates asked young man to walk with him towards the river. When water got up to their neck, Socrates took…

Stories Logical Thinking - Sage Test fr Young Man want to Study Vedas

Test for Young Man – Logical Thinking..!

Once a young man came to a renowned Indian Sage. He went to him and said, “I have come to you because i wish to study Vedas..” Sage asked, “Do you know Sanskrit?” “No”, young man replied. Sage asked, “Have you studied any Indian philosophy? Young man confidently said, “No but i just finished my…

How Karma Works Friends Story - Importance of Doing Good Moral Story

How Karma Works – Two Friends Story.!

Once there were two friends, One was Gurmeet and other was Manpreet. They were very good friends. Gurmeet believed in God but Manpreet didn’t. Gurmeet would wake up early in morning, take bath and recite holy hymns and was always engaged in doing good works while Manpreet would stay in bed sound asleep and spend…

God is Watching You Story - Never Do Wrong Stories for Kids with Moral

God is Watching You..!!

Once two men came to Sage who used to live in forest inside a small hut. They requested him to allow them to be his students. Sage asked them to come next day. Next day when they came, Sage was holding two birds in his hands. He asked them to hold on to birds. Both…

Control Desires Moral Story

Once a sage was passing through market place. On his way he saw a man selling dates (Khajur). Seeing him, Sage thought for a while about eating those dates but then he controlled his desire and left but later at night he was not able to sleep at all. Next morning, he went to a…

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