Mongoose and Snake Story – Think Before you Act

Mangoose and Snake Story - Think Before you Act Moral Story

Once upon a time, a farmer was living in a village with his wife and new born baby. One day farmer bought a mongoose at his home to keep as a pet and his child companion. As time passed by, Mongoose became close and very loyal to farmer’s family. Farmer and his wife always treated … Read more

Priest and Robbers Story

Priest Stories with Moral - Think Wisely Before Acting Short Stories

Once upon a time, In a kingdom lived a priest who had magical power and knew a special spell which was given to him by his teacher. There was a condition on use of that special spell that it can be used only once a year at a specific time. Priest had a disciple who … Read more

Sage and Prince Story – Bitter Nature

Sage Prince Story - Ill Effect of Bitter and Rude Behavior Moral Story

Many years ago, a very pious King wisely and fairly rued over his kingdom. Everyone was happy under his rule and respected and loved him a lot. However king was not happy and cause of his worry was his one and only son. Prince was brought up with great love and care because of which … Read more

Sufi Saint – Overcome Disappointments!!

Sufi Saints Stories - Life Lessons abt Overcoming Disappointments Story

Once a famous Sufi saint was invited to give a lecture at a auditorium. Time decided to start lecture in morning was 9am.. On decided day, whole auditorium was full. Everyone was eager to listen to Sufi saint. At the time of lecture, one of organizer came on stage and said, “Saint, just woke up.. … Read more

Korean Stories – Tiger’s Whisker

Korean Stories in English - Tiger's Whisker Korean Fable Stories wid Moral

Once upon a time lived a couple on country side. Husband was very loving soulmate before he left for wars but ever since he returned he became very angry and unpredictable. His nature became so scary that his wife was scared to live with her. There was Hermit who used to live there and people … Read more

Kid and Shopkeeper Story..

Kid and Shopkeeper Story - Kids Reply to Mother Best Moral Stories Share

Once a little boy and his mother went to shop in market. After shopping for while they stopped by a shop where mother went inside to shop something and boy stood near desk of that shop shopkeeper. Shop keeper had a tumbler of sweets kept on his desk. On seeing little boy he picked that … Read more

King and Spider Story – Patience

Stories About Patience - King and Spider Fable Moral Stories Motivational

Once a kingdom was captivated by its enemies. King fought real hard to defeat his enemies but still couldn’t save its kingdom. After his defeat king fled his country and later through his sources, he gather his soldiers and came back to fight his enemies but was defeated again. Even after he got defeated four … Read more

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