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Feel Like Nothing Left in Life Old Man Inspirational Story 

Feel Like Nothing Left in Life? Old Man Inspirational Story 

After his wife died, Ramu was left alone in this world. His only son used to live far way and didn’t even came for his mother’s last rites. Ramu age was sixty five and losing his wife and seeing his son behaviour, he felt as if there was nothing left for him. With time, Ramu…

Two Prisoners and Snake Story!!

Two Prisoners and Snake Story!! Must Read

Once some scientist thought of an experiment and to do that, two prisoners were chosen, who were sentenced to death. When prisoners were prepared to be bought for punishment, they were told that – you will not be killed by hanging but you will be killed by bite of a poisonous snake. After that, First…

Overthinking Story - Chinese Fable with Moral abt Being Overly Suspicious

Snake in Wine – Story about Overthinking

In China, once lived a man named Lee. He was wise, kind and very friendly. Once he organized a banquet and invited all his friends. They all had good time and returned home. Some days later he went to meet one of his close friends. When Lee saw him, he realized that his friend seems…

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