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Needle Tree and Brothers - Be Kind Always

Needle Tree and Brothers – Be Kind Always

Long time ago, a village was situated on the edge of a dense forest. Two brothers used to live in that village. Elder brother was selfish and greedy while younger was kind. Younger brother loved the elder brother very much but elder would always misbehave with him. One day elder brother went to forest to…

Helping Vegetable Seller - Mother Lesson for Son

Helping Vegetable Seller – Mother Lesson for Son

A young boy used to watch his mother buying vegetables from a lady vegetable seller, who used to come their door steps every day. One particular day, vegetable seller brought bundles of spinach, price 6rs/bundle. Young boy saw that his mother counter bid was exactly half of that amount. Her mother offered that she would…

Old man and Clerk Inspiring Story about Helping Others - Story of Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Elderly Couple and Clerk Story – Be Kind and Helpful

Many years ago, on stormy night an elderly man and his wife entered in a small hotel in Philadelphia, USA. Trying to get out of rain, couple approached front desk hoping to get a room. Husband said, “Could you possibly give us a room here?” Clerk, a friendly man, looked at the couple and said,…

King and Three Minister's Test! Be Kind Toward Animals

King and Three Minister’s Test!

Long ago, lived a wise King. King wanted to appoint a new chief minister for his kingdom, so he decided to test wisdom of three ministers whom he found capable of becoming one. Next day, early morning, he called all three ministers to his chamber and said to them, “I want you all to bring…

Man Kind Nature and God's Test - Story of Kindness Inspirational

Boy who Lost all his Riches – Story of Kindness

Long ago, in a village, a boy was born in rich family. His name was Deva. From his childhood, He was very Kind and would share his riches with needy. Time went by and he got married and had sons. With no thoughts for future, both Deva and his wife continued to share with needy….

Tongue Cut Sparrow - Japanese Folktales abt Greed

Tongue Cut Sparrow and Greedy Old Woman

Once upon a time, lived a an old couple. Old man was kind hearted. He had kept a young sparrow, which he tenderly nurtured. Where as old woman was cross-grained old thing and didn’t liked sparrow and always treated it badly. One day, When sparrow had pecked at some paste with which old woman was…

Big Elephant and Little Mouse Story - Be Kind Moral Panchtantra Story

Big Elephant and Little Mouse – Be Kind Panchtantra Story

Long ago, a city turned into ruins and its resident moved to far away towns. So mice decided to stay in that city as there was enough supply of food for mice. Slowly, mice grew in numbers and entire city was turned into city of mice. Far away from city was a very dense forest…

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