Why Not to Condemn Others? King and Sin Story

Why Not to Condemn Others King and Sin Story

Once upon a time, there was a King who decided that he would feed kheer (milk pudding) to 100 blind people every day. But one day a snake entered royal kitchen and put its mouth in the milk containing kheer and poisoned it. That day, all blind people who ate that kheer died. When King … Read more

Ant and Pigeon Story – Helping Others

Ant and Pigeon Story - Helping Others

One hot afternoon, a thirsty ant was wandering in search of water. After searching for long, ant saw a river and started moving toward it. When ant came close to river, couldn’t find direct way to drink water. So, ant climbed up a rock and while trying to drink water, it lost balance and fell … Read more

Place of Needle n Scissor – Son Question

Place of Needle n Scissor - Son Question

Once lived a tailor in a village with his son. He wanted to teach his son his skills too. So, one day he brought him to the shop. After reaching there tailor started sewing clothes and boy sat in a corner and looked at him carefully. He saw that his father first took the cloth … Read more

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