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Disciple Challenge to Old Swordsman!!

Disciple Challenge to Old Swordsman!!

Once in a Kingdom, lived a great swordsman. There was not other swordsman like him in that whole kingdom. With his swordsmanship, many times he had helped King of his kingdom to win wars. That’s why everyone in kingdom respected him a lot. Swordsman grew old with passage of time and didn’t want his art…

Value of Glass of Water - Alexander and Saint Story

Value of Glass of Water – Alexander and Saint Story

When Alexander returned to India, he went to meet a Saint, seeing Alexander coming to him, Saint started laughing. Alexander felt insulted. He said to Saint angrily, “Either you don’t know me or your death had come.. Don’t you know who i am? I am great Alexander..” Saint started laughing even louder. He said to…

Scholar and Boatman Story about Pride

Scholar and Boatman Story!!

One day, a Scholar had to cross the river to go to another village. He reached the river bank and sat on a boat. Boatman started rowing boat. As per his habit, Scholar started boasting of his knowledge. He asked boatman, “Have you studied anything?” Boatman replied, “No, i am not educated. My family has…

Heads to Sell - King Advice to Minister

Heads to Sell – Story about False Pride

Once a kingdom was ruled by mighty King who was a skilled warrior and was victorious in every battle. Kings of neighboring states also believed in his bravery. Once he was returning to his city after winning a war. His minister and soldiers were with him. On the way, King saw a Buddhist monk sitting…

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