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Sadhu and Young Man Story - Mantra of Success

Sadhu and Young Man Story – Mantra of Success

A Sadhu used to sit at side of river bank. He would sit there whole day, muttering and shouting in loud voice from time to time, “You will get, whatever you want.” People passing by would think of him as insane. They would listen to him and laugh at him. One day an unemployed youth…

Hardwork and Success - Kings Advisor and Young Man Motivational Story

Hard Work and Success – Young Man Story..!!

Once upon a time in a kingdom, a King’s advisor was famous for his wisdom. One day while going to palace with one of his friend and on his way, he saw a dead mouse.. Seeing that mouse he said to his friend, “Even from such small beginnings as this dead mouse, an energetic young…

Stories about Business Success - Self confidence and Attitude Best Stories

Business Success – Old Man Debt.! (Must Read)

Once a businessman got caught in debt real deep and he was not able to think of any way out to sort out that debt. So one day he went out and sat in the park to think if he could do anything to save his company from bankruptcy. While he was sitting in park,…

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