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Missing Goat Number 3 - You Looking for it too?

Missing Goat Number 3 – You Looking for it too?

In class 5, there were two very mischievous children Ravi and Laksh who used to go to school together. One day, Ravi said to Laksh, “Bro, i have an idea.. so that we don’t have to attend classes tomorrow.” Laksh asked curiously, “Tell me.. What’s the idea?” Ravi pointed toward a direction and said, “Look…

Money Equal Happiness? Reality of Life

Money Equal Happiness? Reality of Life

Once a beggar went to a farmer’s house to beg for food. While waiting for alms, beggar saw that when farmer came home, farmer’s wife washed his hands and feet, his children came to him and hugged him.. After this farmer sat down to eat food. Meanwhile, farmer’s wife came out and gave some bread…

Hungry Crow Thoughts..! Be Yourself Short Moral Story in English

Hungry Crow Thoughts..! Be Yourself

A crow who had recently learned to fly, flying from one place to another, noticed that humans fed chilies to parrots and feed grains to white dove. Crow was hungry and hoping that someone would give him some food as well, he cawed but nobody took note of him. He thought to himself, “It’s better…

Horse Desire and Request Moral Story about Being Content

Horse Desire and Request Story

Once there was a horse, who was beautiful and had many good qualities. Still that Horse had desire to be more beautiful and perfect in every way. He was Horse of one of Cosmic Gods. He went to God and requested, “Lord, you have given me beauty and other good qualities. I am grateful to…

Couple Story - Searching for Perfectly Happy Couple Interesting Story

Perfect Happiness – Couple Story

Once a young couple lived in city. They were living a happy life together but they would still worry about if their happiness would last forever. One day, they heard that an old man had come to town who could solve all kind of problems. So couple decided to visit wise old man and told…

Who is Poor Story - King Offer to Yogi Moral Story abt Being Content

Who is Poor – King or Yogi?

Once a King was leading his army across snowy peaks of mountains that bounded his kingdom, into his neighbor’s kingdom for war. When he was at peak where cold was unbearable, on his way he saw a Yogi who was sitting there with his head between his knee, evidently to protect himself from chill wind….

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